Seymour Escarpment Information Page


Seymour Escarpment
Committee Meeting

January 31, 2006 7:00pm
Location: DNV Hall
355 West Queens Road

hosted jointly by Blueridge CA and Seymour Valley CA
Current Status:
  • Evacuation Alert has been lifted.
  • Escarpment Phase 1 Report- Risk Assessment released
  • Berkley Escarpment Incentive Proposal announced on Nov 28th, $500 grant to homeowners connecting by March 31st, free initial consultation, and permit fee waived. Homeowners can do it themselves or use a contractor (see Dec 7 articles below).
  • Perrault home purchased by DNV, notice filed, claim filed, DNV defence filed
  • Van Insberghe home unoccupied, Province, DNV, & owner agree to purchase. DNV issues with MIA delaying completion, notice filed, claim filed
  • Kuttner home, BGC assessed not habitable, home & contents loss paid by PEP (80%), property in final stages of purchase, personal injury claim filed, wrongful death claim filed
  • Michael Kuttner in rehab, permanent disabilities
    (see claim)
  • 4 lawsuits pending: Michael Kuttner, estate of ELiza Kuttner, Van Insberghe, Perrault
  • Early Warning System: 7 piezometers installed w remote monitoring capability in proximity of slide. 20 more along escarpment w manual monitoring being installed.
  • Drainage basin and measures installed
    (completed Feb 7)
  • Norris home purchased, no further claims
  • Holloway home purchased, no further claims
  • Dykes home purchased, no further claims
  • Whites home purchased, no further claims
  • Coward home purchased, no further claims
  • MacDonald home purchased, no further claims
  • Stabler property, Thompson geotech report commissioned by DNV on behalf of owner complete, Contractor commissioned by DNV to mitigate on Feb 13, 2006.
  • DNV Updates: May April March February January

Involved Corporate Entities (and primary contacts):
   - District of North Vancouver,
     James Ridge - CAO, Richard Walton - Mayor,
     Jozsef Dioszeghi - Director Engineering
   - Municipal Insurance Association (District Insurers)
     Singleton Urquhart LLP (MIA Lawyers)
   - BGC Engineering (District Geotechs), Wayne Sauvigney
         via both Singleton (forensics) and
         Lidstone (habitability, early warning system)
   - Lidstone, Young, Anderson (District Lawyers),
     Reece Harding
   - Government of British Columbia
     Bob Bugslag - Director PEP, John Oakley - PEP
     Dan Jarvis MLA, Jennifer Andersen - Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions
Meeting Minutes

1926 Aerial photo. L to R: Cemetary, Seymour River, Riverside Drive

1956 Aerial photo. L to R: Power line, Seymour River, Riverside Drive,  Berkley.

1976 Aerial photo. L to R: Power line, Seymour River, Riverside Drive,  Berkley.

2004 Aerial photo. L to R: Lynn Ck, Inter River Pk, Lilloet Rd, Cemetary, Power line, Seymour River, Riverside Drive,  Berkley.

Photos: Landslide 2430 Chapman

Articles            Items marked with require Real Player which can be downloaded free form here

Date Article Author
Jan 16, 2005 Escarpment Report - Phase 1 Risk Assessment
BGC Engineering
Jan 13, 2006 Evacuation Alert Update DNV
Jan 13, 2006 Follow up letter with questions on Runout Report Jarek Jakubec
Jan 12, 2006 Fallout from tragic slide still being felt Justin Beddall, NS Outlook
Jan 12, 2006 Linking piezometers to computers a first in Canada Justin Beddall, NS Outlook
Jan 12, 2006 Evacuation Alert and Map of Evacuation Area DNV
Jan 9, 2006 Drainage System Delegation Shari Fazio, DNV Council Meeting
Jan 9, 2006 Public input to urge more community involvement Bill Maurer
Jan 9, 2006 Heavy Rainfall Warning District of North Vancouver
Jan 6, 2006 Landslide Risk Assessment Update Blueridge escarpment District Dialog
Dec 29, 2005 Homeowner eagerly awaits New Year Justin Beddall, NS Outlook
Dec 21, 2005 Press Release with 2430 Status Update DNV
Dec 19, 2005 Public Input in support of 2430 Property purchase Nancy Van Insberghe, Don Smith, Bill Maurer, Phil Holland, Michael Trigg, Jarek Jakubec
Dec 15, 2005 Reply from Staff James Ridge, DNV
Dec 15, 2005 Letter to Mayor and Council Bill Maurer
Dec 15, 2005 Resident says NVD reneging on deal Justin Beddall, NS Outlook
Dec 14, 2005 Landslide buyouts continue Jane Seyd, North Shore News
Dec 12, 2005 Public input on Berkley Drainage System Shari Fazio
Dec 7, 2005 Typical Drainage Systems DNV
Dec 7, 2005 Berkley Storm Sewer Connection Q & A DNV
Dec 7, 2005 Berkley Storm Sewer Connection Letter Brian Bydwell, DNV
Nov 28, 2005 Berkley Escarpment Storm Sewer Incentive Proposal DNV
Nov 8, 2005 Letter to Mayor Harris re 2430 Chapman Way Nancy Van Insberghe
Aug 29, 2005 2191/2205 Berkley Runout Plan Wayne Sauvigney, BGC
Aug 29, 2005 2191/2205 Berkley Runout Analysis Wayne Sauvigney, BGC
Aug 25, 2005 Landslide buyout plan advances Rosalind Duane, North Shore News
Aug 19, 2005 NVD to buy nine mudslide homes Rosalind Duane, North Shore News
Aug 17, 2005 Press release anouncing property purchase plan District of North Vancouver
July 18, 2005 Council Discussion - 1593 Lennox St DNV
July 18, 2005 Report To Council - 1593 Lennox St DNV and others
Jun 22, 2005 Slope Stability Analyses at 2175 Berkley Ave Wayne Sauvigney, BGC
Jun 22, 2005 Slope Stability Analyses at 2157 and 2191 Berkley Ave Wayne Sauvigney, BGC
Jun 28, 2005 Slope Stability Analyses at 2205 Berkley Ave Wayne Sauvigney, BGC
Jun 21, 2005 Eliza Kuttner Claim Norton Stewart
Jun 21, 2005 Michael Kuttner Claim Norton Stewart
May 30, 2005 DNV Defense to Perrault Claim Singleton Urquhart LLP
Apr 20, 2005 Perrault Claim Lakes Straithe & Whyte LLP
Mar 10, 2005 Letter to Dan Jarvis, MLA Bill Maurer
Feb 24, 2005 Seymour Escarpment Committee Meeting Minutes Bill Maurer
Feb 19, 2005 Letter to Council Ron Payne
Feb 17, 2005 Notes summarizing meetings with James Ridge and Dan Jarvis Patrick Murray
Feb 7, 2005 Lifting of Evacuation Orders (Comfort Letter) James Ridge
Feb 5, 2005 Living through a landslide... Penny Baker
Feb 3, 2005 Slope study monies approved Justin Beddall, NS Outlook
Jan 29, 2005 Open letter from resident Grace Tyler
Jan 27, 2005 Slope stability studied back in '78 Jennifer Maloney, NS Outlook
Jan 27, 2005 Slide area home owners may get tax break Justin Beddall, NS Outlook
Jan 26, 2005 Dykes Mudslide Fundraiser David Pink
Jan 25, 2005 Landslide and erosion problems in glacio-fluvial soil escarpments, Greater Vancouver (powerpoint 15mb)Dr Oldrich Hungr
Jan 25, 2005 Debris Flow Area Map - Utilities DNV
Jan 21, 2005 Riverside Slide History Willy Schuurman, SVCA
Jan 21, 2005 CBC News: 1980 report warned of mudslide risk CBC News
Jan 20, 2005 Eliza Kuttner Biography MeM
Jan 19, 2005 Debris Flow Area Map - Debris Flow Extent DNV
Jan 19, 2005 Debris Flow Area Map - Detailed Debris Flow Extent DNV
Jan 19, 2005 Debris Flow Area Map - Properties DNV
Jan 19, 2005 Debris Flow Area Map - Air Photo DNV
Jan 19, 2005 Search continues for mudslide victims Global News
Dec 20, 2004 Bylaw 7353 - Building Regulation Bylaw DNV
Nov 15, 2004 Bylaw 6656 - Sewer Bylaw DNV
Apr 2004 Landslide Hazards in BC, Achieving Balance in Risk Assessment Dr Oldrich Hungr
2004 Local Government Act immunity clauses BC Government
Oct 7, 2002 Bylaw 7304 - Emergency Plan DNV
May 18, 2002 Riverside Terrace Study w Riverside Slide History
and referenced Photos
David Cook
Apr 2002 Debris Flow, BC's Worst Mountain Hazard Dr Matthias Jakob
Dec 20, 1999 Bylaw 6515 - Environmental Protection & Preservation DNV
Jul 5, 1982 Dawson Chu Case BC Supreme Court
Nov 3, 1980 1980 Riverside Slide Study Drawings Klohn Leonoff
Nov 3, 1980 1980 Riverside Slide Study Klohn Leonoff
May 20, 1980 Certified Letter to Residents v2 DNV, Don Bell
May 1, 1980 Jack Davis Response Jack Davis
Apr 27, 1980 Letter to MLA Jack Davis Resident
Apr 22, 1980 Certified Letter to Residents v1 DNV, Don Bell
Jan 8, 1980 Geotechnical Study Golder
Feb 16, 1978 Hillside Subdivision Geohydrology Assessment Golder
Jul 27, 1977 Hillside Subdivision Geotech Report Golder

Jul 18 Remediation orders against 1593 Lennox approved by council.

Jul 18 District immunity date. Notice to claim must have been filed by Feb 19. see Local Government Act immunity clauses.

Jun 24 Norris and Holloway families allowed to return home with certain restrictions.

Jun 21 Eliza Kuttner claim.

Jun 21 Michael Kuttner claim.

Jun 15 The fifth Seymour Escarpment committee meeting will be held at District Hall at 7:30.

May 30 DNV defence against the Perrault claim

May 10 Blueridge Community Association AGM featuring James Ridge

Apr 20 Perrault's file a claim against DNV, Sibsons, and Realtors.

Apr 14 The fourth Seymour Escarpment committee meeting will be held at District Hall at 7:30.

Apr 5 Seymour Valley AGM featuring Jozsef Diozseghy

Mar 31 Emergency powers end

Mar 18 Filing of notice to claim cutoff date.

Mar 9 The third Seymour Escarpment committee meeting will be held at District Hall at 7:30.

Feb 24 The second Seymour Escarpment committee meeting is held at District Hall from 7:30 to 9:30.

Feb 17 DNV announces that 6 more evauated residents will be able to return home in 2 to 3 weeks once the drilling and placement of sensory instruments is in place. The remaining 4 homes are expected to remain evacuated for a further 2 months.

Feb 8 7:30pm The landslide subcommittee will be holding its first meeting at Canlan Ice Sports, 2411 Mt Seymour Parkway from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Feb 5 7:00pm A fundraiser and silent auction will be held for the Dykes family at The Shore Nightclub, 135 West 1st Street. The silent auction will offer a range of products and services donated by many generous businesses, organizations and individuals.

Feb 2 8:00pm 10 more families were allowed to return to their homes this evening.

Jan 28 12:30pm A Memorial Service for Eliza Kuttner will be held in the Capilano College Performing Arts Theatre. The public is welcome to attend.

Jan 28 10:00am The provincial government today announced that it will pay lodging and meals for families which were allowed to return home after the original evacuation but have remained out of their homes due to safety concerns. This is for homeowners which were originally evacuated on the 19th and did not receive a safety certificate. This will remain in effect until Sunday Jan30. You can make a claim via the PEP site. For further information contact Jennifer Andersen at 604-775-0803.

Jan 27 10:00am Funeral Services for Eliza Kuttner will be held in the Chapel of Forest Lawn Funeral Home. Family and close friends are welcome to attend.

Jan 25 7:30pm Landslide Information Meeting for Seymour and Blueridge Residents to be held at Jaycee House, 1251 Lilloet Road at 7:30pm. Purpose is to discuss Landslide issues and status. Press will not be allowed at this meeting. Guests included Dr.  Oldrich Hungr - UBC, Joszeph Dioseghy - DNV Director of Environment Parks and Engineering, and Charlene Grant - Section Manager of Planning, and Dan Jarvis - BC MLA North Vancouver-Seymour. The meeting was attended by 167 residents. Dr Hungr's presentation was Landslide and erosion problems in glacio-fluvial soil escarpments, Greater Vancouver (powerpoint 15mb).

Jan 25 5:00pm Meeting for evacuees with James Ridge was held at the District Works Yard, 1370 Crown St, Capilano Room.

Jan 25 10:00am The 17 homes evacuated on Riverside and Swinburne were given permission to return home.

Jan 24 10:00pm Work on the Lennox and Layton Ave residences was completed.

Jan 24 7:00pm DNV Council meeting. There are no items specifically relating to the landslide on the agenda. The normal Public Input period at the start of the meeting allows concerned residents to address Council. Speaking time is limited to 2 minutes per person up to a total of 30 minutes. Speakers may not speak disrespectfully of any other person or use any rude or offensive language or make a statement or allegation which impugns the character of any person.

Jan 23 2:00pm A victim stress counseling meeting is scheduled at the Holiday Inn. Treetop and Chapman residents are told that they should prepare to be out of their homes for 10 more days. Removal of materials from the slide area and cutting down of compromised trees continued today.

Jan 22 10:00pm As a precautionary measure, the District of North Vancouver has ordered the evacuation of seven homes north of Swinburne Avenue on Riverside Drive in North Vancouver.

The evacuation is considered necessary in light of repairs being undertaken at the rear of a property on Layton Drive immediately above these homes. Work crews are currently removing soil from the rear of the house to minimize pressure on a wooden retaining wall.

Riverside: 1600 blk to 1700 blk E (6 homes)
Layton: 1600 blk W (1 home)

Jan 22 4:00pm The initial work on the Lennox site has been completed however, inspections indicate that additional work needs to be undertaken. The work is expected to take two days to complete.

Jan 21 6:00pm As a precautionary measure, the District of North Vancouver has ordered the evacuation of ten homes in the vicinity of Swinburne Avenue at Riverside Drive in order to effect some emergency repairs to structures in the back yard on Lennox Street. The evacuated homes are:

Swinburne: 2300 blk N & S (6 homes)
Riverside: 1500 blk E (2 homes)
Lennox: 1500 blk W (1 home)

Power was restored to the evacuated homes on Chapman Way and Treetop Lane after the danger level to these homes was reduced.

Jan 19 4:00pm Homeowners other than those in the immediate vicinity of the slide at the base and top of the escarpment are allowed to return home. The 20 homes remaining under evacuation are:

Berkely:  2100 blk to 2200 blk W (5 homes)
Chapman Way: 2200 blk to 2400 blk E (7 homes)
Treetop Lane: 2300 blk to 2400 blk E (8 homes)

Power and gas is disconnected from evacuated homes.

Jan 19 10:00am All homes on Treetop Lane, Chapman Way, and a few on Riverside Drive are evacuated.

Jan 19 3:30am A large landslide originating at 2175 Berkley Avenue swept down the hillside and destroyed the home at 2440 Chapman Way killing Eliza Kuttner and seriously injuring Michael Kuttner. This slide crashed through the east wall of the house at  2290 Chapman Way leaving mud and debris in the bedrooms. The occupants of this home sustained no injuries.

The latest information on Michael Kuttner is that he is being treated at VGH and is in serious condition. He has crush injuries which include a broken hip and injuries to his lungs related to laying in the liquid mud. He has had 6 to 7 surgeries and is expected to make a full recovery. The hospital and staff has a "no information" order on him so attempts to communicate directly with the hospital will fail.

A trust fund for the Kuttner family has been set up by Langara college.

A trust fund for the Dykes family has been set up at the North Shore Credit Union.

The district is continuing to provide hotel and meal vouchers to evacuees. Vouchers to non-evacuees living near the slide area have run out.

The primary intended audience for this webpage are the residents of the Seymour Valley Community.

A family from the slide area with one child and 3 small pets is looking for a house to rent in the Blueridge area. If you know of any houses or partial houses available for rent immediately or Feb 1, please call or email Anne Greenwell at 604-987-9579 or

Police have a security perimeter set up at Swinburne. The police are allowing residents, guests, and delivery vehicles to non-evacuated homes within these perimeters. 

It is our intention to post the latest information and news on this website. The contents of this webpage is based on the best information available. Please report new information, errors, or omissions to or call Bill at 604-789-2172. Check back every few hours for the latest updates and news.

It is important to note that no determination has been made as to the cause of the slide which occurred on Jan 19th. It is expected that district staff will provide a geotechnical report to council in the coming months.