Mrs. Eliza Wing Mun Kuttner

March 26, 1961

January 19, 2005



Eliza Wing Mun (Chiu) Kuttner (1961-2005) M.Sci, Hon. Eliza known to all of us who know her as a brilliant scholar, a senior computer-science professional, a loving mother and wife and an environmentally-conscious yoga master who lived a unique lifestyle in harmony with both nature and society. She is also a spiritually keen intellectual in her religious beliefs.

Originally from Hong Kong, educated and brought up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Eliza has always had a high standard of achievement (she is a consistent honor student while at school) and a passion for perfection. She is a tirelessly loving person who would persistently express her sisterly love of others (to close kins and friends and all alike) through acts of caring expressions, social activities and charitable deeds---she is a true philanthropist. Admired and adored by her colleagues as well as family and friends, she is the proud model among her peers. She also inspires her students with her ingenious ideas and diligent attitude---proving herself repeatedly a bright and skillful teacher.

Despite a busy work life, Eliza spends a significant portion of her free time with her family, her adorable daughter Amita, her husband Michael, and with her parents, folks and friends. There were many such pleasant occasions of trips, field trips, retreats and gatherings---joyous moments we all share with her. She is also a tireless yoga teacher, a loving & busy mother, a helpful friend,……etc……..a many-role individual. She enjoys and gives equally, seeking a balance in her life always.

At this high plateau of her life with success in many career, family and personal areas, a tragedy had occurred, taking away her life, so precious not just to her, but to all of us, who will miss her and remember her; not just this moment, or the next few, but for all the future years of our lives, we will not forget Eliza, her deeds and her smiles, which will forever shine for all of us in our hearts and mind.

Funeral service will be held at 10:00 a.m., Thursday, January 27, 2005 in the Chapel of Forest Lawn Funeral Home (located in the center of Forest Lawn Memorial Park), (604) 299.7720, 3789 Royal Oak Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5G 3M1