Landslide Updates - May

Friday, May 13, 2005

Most of the field work has been completed at the landslide site. Testing of the soil samples for analysis has been ongoing, however some delays are expected due to administrative issues between third parties involved. The laboratory test results will be used to compile a computer model of the area. When the modeling is complete, it is hoped that the cause of the slide can be determined - possibly towards the middle of June - and that further remedial recommendations can be made.

The piezometers installed at the top of the site to measure groundwater levels continue to be monitored. The District is also working on establishing remote reading capability within the next few weeks. The piezometers complement recent drainage improvements, which include rerouting of natural water courses, and the construction of a drainage basin with overflow facilities at the base of the slope. In addition, District employees, including structural engineers and plumbing inspectors, have worked with homeowners above the slope to address any rainwater drainage concerns.

To date, four homes remain unoccupied.