Feb. 19, 2005


Mayor and Council,

The District of North Vancouver


Today marks the one month anniversary of the tragic mudslide that killed Eliza Kuttner.


While we applaud the remedial work done immediately after the slide we are very dissatisfied with Mr.Ridge?s response regarding other matters.


1.  Attached are two current photos of the Dyke residence still with the mud, logs and other debris embedded in it.  Every day residents must look at it and the sight of it is very traumatic.


2.  In the debris are possessions, including mail, of the Kuttners.  It seems very disrespectful that the debris has not been removed and that the possessions of the Kuttners and the Dykes continues to remain embedded in the mud open to the elements, and for all to see.


3.  The slide is now a major tourist attraction and the damaged house with the debris embedded only adds to the attraction.


Do you have to wait to see this sort of newspaper headline before you act?  ?One month after landslide and victims possessions left exposed to elements.  Sight traumatizes neighbours?.


At this time, we ask that some remedial bracing of the corner of the house be done and that the debris be removed and sorted through for possessions of the Kuttners and Dykes, and then that the damaged area be boarded up. Please do the right thing without further delay.




Ron Payne

2298 Chapman Way.

Feb 13, 2005


Feb 17, 2005