Minutes of the Seymour Escarpment Committee Meeting

March 9, 2005

DNV Hall, 355 W Queens Rd,  Meeting Room B


Meeting called to order at 7:45 p.m.    Bill Maurer (acting chair & secretary), Nancy Van Insberge, Shirley McLaren, David Mundie, Cas Bohlken, Monica MacDonald, Henry Reisner, Tony Webb, Lana Webb, Russ Curtis, Grace Tyler, Alec Ritchie, Phil Holland

1. Adoption of minutes. Minutes accepted as written. Moved by Grace, seconded by Phil.

2. Committee Format: The landslide committee will generally operate transparently except in special circumstances where private discussion may be held. Meeting minutes shall be a general summary of the important discussion points of the meeting.

3. Requesting Information: The committee will pose questions to the district and assist Blueridge and Seymour Valley residents in obtaining information as required. Questions can be posed via info@seymourvalley.ca or directly to the district via landslide@dnv.org.

4. Geotechnical Report Status: The Klohn Leonoff Report is a good example of the sort of information the committee expects in the future. A greater degree of detail would be desirable in future reports.

5. Bylaw review (sewers, building, slopes). This item was on the agenda but not discussed. It was suggested that Dave Davey may be a good person to provide further bylaw details.

6. Evacuee and Escarpment Residents Status: The district has scheduled meetings with remaining 10 evacuated families individually. 6 families are expected to return home by the end of the week with 4 remaining evacuated.

7. Riverside Terrace Update: Clr Jim Cuthbert will be making a motion in council to ensure that the counting of units built in Seymour starts on Jan 1, 2003 as specified in the Seymour Local Plan. He is also expected to show that the maximum buildable 250 units for phase 1 (2003 - 2007) has been reached. It is therefore not expected that any development activities will occur on Riverside Terrace for at least 2 years. Most residents would not like to see this area developed at all.

8. List of Questions: A number of questions for the district were discussed. These will be compiled and given to Bill for forwarding to the district on behalf of the district. These questions included:

9. Next meeting: to be scheduled for early April.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.