From:  James Ridge
To:  Bill Maurer; Mayor and Council - DNV
Cc:  Jozsef Dioszeghy; Dan Jarvis; Colleen Brow; Bob Bugslag
Sent:  Thu 12/15/2005 1:07 PM
Subject:  RE: Insberghe property

Mr. Maurer
Thank you for your comments. A brief response.
  1. Staff have briefed Council on the issues associated with this property.
  2. Council can, of course, reject the staff advice and direct the purchase of the entire property.
  3. If so Council will need to identify a source of funding for the purchase. The province has stated clearly that they will not fund the purchase of the entire property.
  4. The positions of the District and Province are identical in relation to this property, namely there is now a risk-management need only to buy a portion of the property
James Ridge