1.         Berkley Escarpment Storm Sewer Incentive Proposal

File 11.5225.80/001.000

Tracking Number 2005-01017
(to consider a grant program in conjunction with the installation of storm sewer connections in the Berkley Escarpment Storm Sewer area)


Report: Director of Corporate Services, November 10, 2005


Public Input:

Mr. Ian Stabler, 1500 Block Lennox Street

         requested that this item be deferred to allow the community group, which is meeting later this week, to review and provide input.



Mr. J. Dioszeghy, Director of Environment, Parks & Engineering Services, presented an overview of the following topics relating to the Berkley escarpment and storm sewer program:

         geotechnical work

         landslide risk management program

         municipal storm sewer work

         rainwater management

         cost considerations

         proposed incentives

         program benefits

         ongoing consultation and education.



Moved by Councillor MURI, Seconded by Councillor WALTON


1)       an incentive plan be approved to provide a grant of $ 500 to each property in the Berkley Escarpment Storm Sewer area upon completion of a connection to the Districtís storm sewer system provided that the work is completed under permit on or before March 31, 2006 and to the satisfaction of the Districtís inspectors; source of funding to be Council reserve that has a current balance of $ 55,000; and


2)       the refund of the drainage permit fee ($112) for work completed to the Districtís satisfaction prior to the deadline date of March 31, 2006 be approved.



Moved by Councillor NIXON, Seconded by Councillor MCKEON HOLMES and DEFEATED

THAT this item be deferred to the December 12, 2005 Regular Council meeting.


Voting Against:  Mayor HARRIS, Councillors CRIST, CUTHBERT, MURI, WALTON


The question on the original motion was then put and CARRIED


Voting Against:  Councillors MCKEON HOLMES, NIXON