Seymour Escarpment Committee Chair’s Meeting Notes with Mr. James Ridge, Municipal Manager of DNV on Feb 17th 2005, 1:30pm DNV Hall.

1/ Geotech report has not been given a time-frame to be completed (at this time).
Some of the information in this report will be ‘privileged’ due to possible litigation in future.

2/ At least 6 families may be allowed back into their homes within the next 2-3 weeks.

3/ DNV’s primary focus at this time is to attend to the issues at slide site and affected areas nearby.

4/ Once the immediate area has been analyzed the whole Riverside area is to be done.

5/ DNV will be employing a Geotech Company to carry out a complete review of any perceived problem areas in the rest of the District over the next 2 years.

6/ The geotechs are analyzing the fill in the Berkley area by taking deep drill soil samples.

7/ Regarding any remedial work that the geotechs identify in the Berkley area on private property, owners will be advised of the issues as soon as possible.

8/ DNV have installed a number of Peiezometers at top of Berkley area which are an Early Warning System, and in the event of a significant rainfall again the DNV would evacuate as necessary. An evacuation plan is now is place for this area.

9/ DNV is dealing with all evacuated and affected residents on a case by case basis and also had a recent group meeting this week.

10/It was felt by the Committee Chair, Patrick Murray, that the District of North Vancouver is “listening to resident’s concerns and they are willing to do the ‘right thing’ wherever possible”. The Chair asked Mr. Ridge if a Seymour Escarpment Information Night could be hosted by the DNV in the near future and Mr. Ridge agreed that would be a very good idea but gave no time-frame for such a meeting.

Patrick Murray also met with Daniel Jarvis (MLA) on Feb19th.

Mr. Jarvis advised that the Prov. Emergency Program (PEP) has been working closely with DNV and the Solicitor General, Rich Coleman. The Provincial Government is committed to mitigate hardship over and above the present Emergency Fund Limit for impacted residents.
Mr. Jarvis believes a very positive announcement by the Prov. Gov’t will be forthcoming and will keep us advised.

Next meeting of the Seymour Escarpment Committee (SEC) is on February 24th at 7:30pm, District of North Vancouver, Chair Patrick Murray. To make contact please e-mail: S.E.C. is a resident’s group consisting of 25 members from both Blueridge Community Association and Seymour Valley Community Association.