City of North Vancouver Cemetery Noise


The City of North Vancouver operates a landfill in the Cemetery lands which generates an excessive amount of noise that echo's through the river valley making it difficult for residents to enjoy their homes. Seymour Valley residents have made several attempts to get the City cease  noise generating activities. The City of North Vancouver responds with the attitude best expressed as "excuse the noise, that's the sound of us saving money". We continue to request that they take their noise making equipment to a properly zoned industrial park. The Districts position is that the City can continue to make noise preparing their site for future burial sites because they've been doing it for a long time. The citizens struggle to quiet down the government operated noise generator continues.


1) is operating a Landfill an acceptable land use permitted in Cemetery Zoned land?

2) is it acceptable to have a private Rock Crushing/Sorting business running out of the cemetery?

3) is the City opportunistically operating the landfill in order to save money with negative environmental costs?


Selkirk-Monashee road.jpg (292894 bytes)
Cemetery and Landfill
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Landfill from the LSCR border



December 1, 2003. Hopefully the final correspondence which signals a permanent end to the noise emanating from the cemetery. Final update from city???

November 27, 2003. Letter from city updating status of landfill operation.  Memo from city

November 12, 2003. Loss of an Ally? The Districts' position now seems to be that landfill/crushing operations are compliant with zoning. In the past, they agreed that industrial use that occurs in the cemetery was contrary to Park like designation of the land.   *new* NV bylaw enforcement position

October 14 - 17, 2003. Correspondence with district regarding operation. District Correspondence Oct 2003

October 6, 2003. Reply from City claiming that rock crushing operation has ceased. Letter from City Oct 2003

September 29, 2003. Community Letter to City informing them that "industrial noise emanating from this site continues unabated". Letter to City Sept 2003

September 24, 2003. email from GVRD showing commitment to "evaluate post-construction noise from the Selkirk Monashee Connector", Concern of residents is that, like the cemetery landfill, the new alignment of the connector road will be a noise generator. Selkirk Monashee Connector Noise

July 11, 2003: City responses to our letter of complaint stating that sometime in the future it intends to stop soils recycling (rock crushing), but will continue landfill operations because it saves the City money. City Response to Complaint 

July 10, 2003: Response from district indicating that letter was sent to City requesting halt to operations on April 17. District Response 

June 4, 2003: A fresh Community letter to District Council & the City of North Vancouver complaining about noise and requesting the City of North Vancouver "cease uses of the cemetery lands that are inconsistent with uses permitted by the Districts Cemetery zoning". This letter followed a meeting with the City where the city committed to noise reduction (i.e. use of equipment that makes less noise). Cemetery Operations Complaint

March 10, 2003: Community letter to District requesting" enforcement of your order to the City of North Vancouver and their contractor Jim Wiles & Sons to discontinue their use of heavy machinery at that site by October 2, 2002". Commercial Operations Noise Complaint

November 13, 2002: Community letter to District Council requesting action since the commercial operator continues to operate. Commercial Operations Continues

September 25, 2002: District Bylaw enforcement orders Jim Wiles & Sons to cease operations by Oct 2, 2002. Order to cease Operations

September 23, 2002: Community letter to District Council requesting action since a commercial operator is generating noise from a rock crushing operation on cemetery lands. Commercial Operations within a CM Zone