March 10, 2003

Mr. Gordon Ferguson, Chief Bylaw Officer, The Corporation of the District of North Vancouver 355 West Queens Road North Vancouver BC V7N 4N5

Dear Mr. Ferguson,

Re: Commercial Operations in a CM Zone

Further to our letters of September 23rd and November 13th, we would like to see enforcement of your order to the City of North Vancouver and their contractor Jim Wiles & Sons to discontinue their use of heavy machinery at that site by October 2, 2002. With the good weather of late, the frequency is increasing and once again disturbing our community.

The Seymour Valley Association had taken on this problem on behalf of residents, so that they did not individually have to call and complain. However, you perhaps have interpreted the lack of calls as apathy on our part. We can assure you that at our recent AGM on February 19th, the topic was raised by many residents in attendance. It may be hard for others to understand the impact, but the valley acts like a megaphone, broadcasting the jarring rock-crushing noises up the entire length of our community.

Please follow up on this matter and keep us informed of your actions. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Bill Maurer, Chair, Seymour Valley Community Association 2403 Riverside Drive. 604-789-2172

cc. Mayor and Council, District of North Vancouver Mayor and Council, City of North Vancouver