From: "Don Sigston" <>

To: <>
Cc: "Gordon Ferguson" <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2003 9:55 AM
Subject: Cemetery Rock Crushing Operation

Willie, I'm responding, of behalf of Gord Ferguson, to your October 17th e-mail to Gord asking ,"Is it the District's position that the City Cemetery operations with respect to the landfill operations are now compliant with uses permitted by the Cemetery zoning?".

We view that since the City has been filling this portion of its Cemetery site for the last thirty years +/- to bring the site to a level that is suitable for cemetery use that they are compliant, so long as there are no other uses undertaken on the site except for uses intrinsic to bringing the site to its final topographic level.

To the best of our knowledge the City is complying with this. They may, however, contract with whomever they wish to carry on with their fill and grading requirements.