November 13, 2002

Mr. Gordon Ferguson, Chief Bylaw Officer, The Corporation of the District of North Vancouver 355 West Queens Road North Vancouver BC V7N 4N5

Dear Mr. Ferguson,

Re: Commercial Operations in a CM Zone

Further to our letter of September 23rd, we would like an update on the situation with the Jim Wiles & Sons operation on the Cemetery lands.

You indicated at that time that you had directed the operator to discontinue operations by October 2, 2002. To date there appears to be little change to the commercial setup there or to the machinery in question, although the use of it may be more infrequent now due to the season.

Also, Mr. Wiles has phoned individual residents to let them know when he will be using the rock-crusher in the apparently mistaken belief that this is useful to them. Residents would prefer the noise be stopped, and would rather not be contacted directly.

Please keep us informed of your progress in the matter. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Bill Maurer, Chair, Seymour Valley Community Association 2403 Riverside Drive. 604-789-2172