September 29, 2003

Mr. Brent Mahood, Operations Division, City of North Vancouver

Dear Mr. Mahood,

Further to your letter of July 11th, 2003, we would like to object to several erroneous and misleading statements which you make:

You state that the "rock-crushing has been eliminated" and that there has been no gravel screening since May of this year. You also state that "only landfill activities are presently taking place on the City site", thereby suggesting that there is no longer a problem.

Please be aware that the industrial noise emanating from this site continues unabated. Whether it is large rocks rumbling, heavy machinery, or trucks dumping gravel it is all quite evident to the ear on a weekly basis.

Perhaps your statements are true in a strictly literal sense; that is, that the City's spoils operation is in remission at present. However, you have apparently overlooked or failed to mention the commercial operation that is also attached to the City site under the name of Jim Wiles and Sons. This business continues to operate and advertises to the public for the sale of soils, gravels and other materials. Perhaps the noise then can be attributed entirely to this operation, but it is the City that allows this to continue on their property in contravention of the District's Zoning By-laws.


Michele Payne, Secretary/Treasurer, Seymour Valley Community Association

Cc: Mayor and Council, City of North Vancouver Mayor and Council, District of North Vancouver Board of Directors, SVCA Gordon Ferguson, Chief By-law Officer, District of N.V.