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The Seymour Valley Community Association boundaries overlap the boundaries of no less than 3 separate OCP areas making the job of monitoring and ensuring community values and standards are encapsulated in the overlapping areas of each OCP somewhat complex. Hopefully the Seymour Valley Community will eventually have its own OCP but at the present time the best we can do is ensure that our community values are maintained across each of the existing ones.

SLP Neighbourhood
Information Meeting
October 3, 2002 7:00pm
2403 Riverside Drive

The Seymour Local Plan includes the properties on the east side of the Seymour River down to Grantham. The Maplewood Plan includes the properties south of Grantham Place. The Lynnmour/Inter-River plan includes the properties north of Grantham on the west side of the Seymour River. It is becoming increasingly clear that there is a long term need for the Seymour Valley Community to have its own consolidated plan which reflects our own unique values and needs. These are lost in the needs and pressures of the larger surrounding community plan areas. There is little or no Seymour Valley community representation on the surrounding plan committees and involvement in these committees requires considerable time committment to issues which do not directly affect us.

The Seymour Valley community contains no commercial development. It is made up primarily of low density rs1 residences and properties. It is surrounded by forest greenspace on 3 sides. 

Developments planned, in progress, and completed for Seymour, Maplewood, and Tsleil-Waututh

No more than an average of 50 units per year may be built for a maximum of 250 units over the 5 year plan phases which are: 2003-2007, 2008-2012, and 2013-2017.

Built or being built in Phase 1 (2003-2007)  
Anne MacDonald Way 23
Taylor Creek 7
Seasons 1 (West) (Tsleil-Waututh) 85
Seasons 2 (South) (Tsleil-Waututh) 85
Windridge Townhouses 56
New Burrard Band single family homes 30
Dollarton Hwy development 6


Future Developments (post 2007)  
Carry over from excess build in phase 1 42
Riverside Terrace (Preliminary app) 36
Mt Seymour Parkway North Side (Preliminary app) 80
DNV - Windridge (Proposed Land Development Program) 50



No further developments are being accepted in SLP Phase 1 and there is a carry over of 42 units into phase 2 based on what is being built as of Feb 21, 2005. It is expected that additional development in the Tsleil-Waututh and Maplewood areas prior to 2008 will further limit the number of units which may be built in Seymour in future phases.

The 3 Plans:

    Seymour Local Plan (Final)
    Seymour Local Plan (Draft)
    Maplewood Plan
    Lynnmour / Inter-River Plan













Date Article Author
Nov 5, 2005 SLPMC Meeting Minutes Karen Rendek, DNV
Oct 13, 2005 SLPMC Response to IRCA proposal Bill Maurer, SLPMC
Apr 4, 2005 SLP Phasing Strategy and Unit Counting (cont'd) DNV, Barb Murray
Mar 14, 2005 SLP Phasing Strategy and Unit Counting DNV
  Map of Riverside Terrace Property  
Oct 7, 2002 DNV Council meeting to receive SLP document (Proposed Date) Charlene Grant & SLP Committee
Oct 3, 2002 Neighbourhood Meeting to discuss SLP Bill Maurer
Sep 30, 2002 SVCA Neighbourhood Plan. This replaces the former Seymour Valley Addendum and is a detailed community originated planning document with the same boundaries as the SVCA. The SLP plan process is heavily influenced by external groups and developers and is therefore not presently sanctioned by the community association. Bill Maurer
Sep 26, 2002 Revised SLP Bylaw Draft Charlene Grant & SLP Committee
Sep 25, 2002 SVCA Review of SLP Records Phil Holland, Bill Maurer, Ken Reid
Sep 24, 2002 SLP Committee Meeting to review revised plan SLP Committee + Charlene Grant, Patrick Murray, Bill Tracy, Bill Maurer, Michele Payne, Heidi Bieberhofer, Phil Holland.
Sep 18, 2002 Latest SLP containing current revisions Charlene Grant & SLP Committee
Sep 16, 2002 SVCA informs DNV council that it opposes SLP which proposes a 200 unit senior's complex at Riverside Terrace. Bill Maurer
Sep 12, 2002 SVCA formal campaign against SLP containing Riverside Terrace 200 unit complex begins. SVCA
Sep 11, 2002 Charlene and 6 Residents Committee members meet with Bill Maurer to review addendum. Residents Committee refuses to remove Riverside Terrace from the plan. Charlene Grant, Eric Andersen, Jim Cuthbert, Cas Bohlken, Dave Sadler, Alf Cockle, Bill Maurer
Sep 11, 2002 Seymour Valley Addendum v3 Bill Maurer
Sep 4, 2002 SVCA directors endorse Seymour Valley Addendum SVCA directors
Aug 21, 2002 Seymour Valley Addendum v2 Bill Maurer
Aug 14, 2002 Closed Residents Committee meeting to discuss Seymour Valley Addendum v1. Residents Committee continues to endorse Riverside Terrace. SVCA not invited to provide input or answer questions. Charlene Grant, Eric Andersen, Jim Cuthbert, ...
Aug 8, 2002 Seymour Valley Addendum v1 Bill Maurer
Aug 4, 2002 Seymour Local Plan Contacts Bill Maurer
Aug 4, 2002 Deconstructing the Riverside Terrace Project Bill Maurer
Aug 2, 2002 Riverside Terrace Property Record DNV
Aug 1, 2002 Riverside Terrace Realty Inc Corporate Records BC Online
Jul 31, 2002 Charlene and 4 Residents Committee members meet  with SVCA residents and directors. Strong opposition to Riverside Terrace. Charlene Grant, Eric Andersen, Allan Orr, Peter Harmer, Barb Murray, ~25 Seymour Valley residents plus SVCA directors Bill Maurer, Phil Holland, and Ken Reid
Jul 10, 2002 SVCA receives Request for Input to SLP Charlene Grant
Jun 21-24, 2002 Seymour Local Plan Open Houses Planning & Residents Committee
Jun 20, 2002 Ken Reid discovers unfavourable implementation clauses relating to Seymour Valley in the SLP. Ken Reid
May 29, 2002 Report to Council - Public Consultation Questions Charlene Grant
May 13, 2002 Draft Seymour Local Plan presented to council Charlene Grant
Apr 29, 2002 Report to Council - Draft Seymour Local Plan Charlene Grant
Nov 27, 2001 SLP Committee Meeting with presentation from Riverside Terrace Developer. Gillian Watson-Donald, Pacific Development Advisory Group
Nov 22, 2001 SLP Committee Meeting including letters from Riverside Terrace Developers Art Phillips, GD Hamilton Associates
July 9, 2001 Housing PIC Meeting notes Kathy Turner
June 21, 2001 Housing and Schools Meeting notes including Riverside Terrace Kathy Turner
June 13, 2001 Riverside Terrace Geological Analysis David L Cook
Nov 16, 2000 Report to Council - Planning refuses request J.G. Masterton
Nov 7, 2000 Letter sent to council requesting change to OCP boundaries so that Seymour Valley falls within 1 OCP instead of 3. Ray Burns
Oct 25, 2000 MarkTrend Research follow-up survey. No questions regarding Riverside Terrace Lorraine MacDonald, MarkTrend Research
July 26, 2000 Report to Council - SLP Survey Results Charlene Grant
July, 2000 Seymour Local Plan: Long Feedback Form  
Apr 10, 1999 Letter from Riverside Terrace Developer Paul Ardaugh, Development Consulting Group, Ltd.
Oct 19, 1998 SLP Report on results of Seniors Forums Annwen Rowe-Evans
Sep 14,  1998 SLP Housing Questionaire and Results