This document summarizes the specific input solicited from the Seymour community regarding Senior's housing and Riverside Terrace and the responses given. It also provides links to meeting minutes and developers letters which culminated in its inclusion in the plan. Links are provided to the complete source documentation.

I) Questionnaire given on Sep 15, 1998.  Full Report

Q C.3 Do you feel there are particularly appropriate locations for Seniors housing?
A Parkgate 12
   next to Kiwanis Center 1
   Blair Range 4
   Deep Cove 2
   Indian River 2
   Mt Seymour Parkway 2
   commercial/transit 3
   Windridge 1
   Blueridge 2
   Northlands 2
   Maplewood 1
These questionnaire's were available at an open house held in 1998. There were 33 responses to this questions, none of which mentioned Riverside Terrace, gravel pit, or quarry.

II) Letter from Paul Ardaugh, Development Consultant Group, April 10, 1999 inquiring as to the status of the Riverside Terrace property   Full Report

L. "As previously indicated the owner of this property (Riverside Terrace Realty Inc) wishes to proceed with the development of this site as soon as possible. With the appropriate zoning in place, this 14 acre property could accommodate a significant number of townhouses and/or low rise apartment units."

At this point the developer is essentially requesting a multi-family zoning. The SLP Committee does not support this use for the property.

III) Seymour Local Plan flyer mailed out to residents in March 2000

Q. This flyer gave pre-packaged plan options and was the first time Riverside Terrace appeared on a public SLP document in this process. 
Riverside Terrace Options
Option A Option B Option C
  • Protect Maplewood Creek and Hogans Pools
  • Establish a special "Seymour Gateway" park on the central DNV Lands
  • Acquire provincial land to the north for park, through land exchange
  • Permit limited medium density residential plus green area on private land
  • Create greenway corridor north to Baden-Powell Trail
  • Protect Maplewood Creek and Hogans Pools
  • Establish a neighbourhood park on DNV Land
  • Permit limited low density housing on provincial & private lands under existing zoning
  • Protect Maplewood Creek and Hogans Pools
  • Establish a neighbourhood park on DNV Land
  • Permit limited medium density housing on the provincial land
  • Permit limited medium density housing plus green area on private land
  • Create greenway corridor north and create trailhead parking
A. Option A - 37%, B - 31%, C-24%, D-8% (range of comments)
This survey made no mention of the current proposal and didn't define what was meant by medium density. The options force people to choose between a greenway corridor and a rezoning at Riverside Terrace. Where is the option that our residents really want which is a greenway corridor with no zoning changes to Riverside Terrace?

IV) MarkTrend Survey given on October 25, 2000   Full Report

This survey was conducted via telephone interviews to a representative sample of 400 homes.
There were no questions asked about Seniors housing or Riverside Terrace so this survey did not help clarify the mixed response to the Riverside Options received in the earlier survey.

V) Presentation request from Art Philips, GD Hamilton on Nov 21, 2001  Full Report

L. "While the draft is under consideration by the committee, we would appreciate the opportunity to make a brief presentation to explain the composition of the proposed development and how it can benefit the surrounding neighbourhood and residents of the district of North Vancouver."

The owners have now replaced Development Consultant Group Ltd with GD Hamilton Associates which have adjusted the proposal to be a "seniors" development. This is more acceptable to the SLP Committee which have identified Riverside Terrace as a potential site for seniors housing.

VI) Presentation to SLP Committee by Gillian Watson-Donald on behalf of GD Hamilton, Nov 27, 2001  Full Report

After this meeting the SLP Committee incorporates it into the plan with no further public consultation.

VII) The first public disclosure of the development was in the Draft Seymour Local plan released on May 13, 2002   Full Report

Chapter 4.0 Housing & Schools

Objective 4.3 Safeguard lands, natural and built assets for future generations

Policy 4.3.1 Designate District land, suitable sites and other resources for long term housing needs of an aging population and future generations.

Implementation Riverside Terrace (Map 4) will be designated for further study as a potential future site for supportive housing, subject to environmental and transportation issues being addressed.

200 units is indicated in the table at the end of Chapter 4.0


No poll has ever been done specifically asking residents how they feel about a HIGH DENSITY 200-UNIT CONGREGATE CARE COMPLEX AT RIVERSIDE TERRACE or anything even close to it.

This proposal is inconsistent with the basic vision of the Seymour Local Plan which calls for low growth and which preserves the beautiful forested setting and attractive neighbourhoods currently in existence.