August 23, 2002

Seymour Valley Addendum v2

Paragraphs in blue indicate proposed changes to Seymour Local Plan.

1.0             INTRODUCTION

Increase the Seymour Local Plan boundaries to incorporate entire area serviced by Seymour Valley Community Association. This includes adding the properties to the north of the Seymour Parkway and south of Grantham and includes adding the properties west of the river and north of Grantham. Ie. Seymour Blvd, Seymour Court, Bow Court, Heritage Blvd, Grantham Place, Tanager Place, Parkhurst Road, and Hillary Place.


Lot subdivision requires approval of the local community or community association which will assess based on environmental impact and character of the neighbourhood.

Riverside Terrace

Alter the primary access to this property to Browning Place and/or Alder Ave. Repatriate Hogans Pools into one contiguous Conservation Area by eliminating the current Riverside Terrace access road (aka Jordan St road allowance) from Riverside Drive. Restrict the development of this property to current zoning which is rs1 1 acre lots. Find a different parcel of land for a Seniors home in another part of Seymour or in one of the multi-family developments planned for Maplewood. Devlopment potential of this property is approximately 12 single family homes. Evaluate feasibility of an equestrian center to help maintain this rapidly disappearing aspect of the North Shore.

4.0             HOUSING & SCHOOLS

Objective 4.1 To maintain and protect existing, stable residential neighbourhoods and housing stock.
Policy 4.1.1 Retain existing zoning in established residential neighbourhoods unless otherwise determined by the neighbourhood itself; ie Seymour Valley, Blueridge, Seymour Heights, McCartney Woods, Windsor Park, Dollarton, Cove Cliff (Map 4)
Objective 4.3 Safeguard lands, natural and built assets for future generations
Policy 4.3.1 Designate District land, suitable sites and other resources for long term housing needs of an aging population and future generations.
Implementation Riverside Terrace (Map 4) will be designated for further study as a potential future site for supportive housing, subject to environmental and transportation issues being addressed.

Remove or replace with:
Riverside Terrace may be developed as a subdivision of approximately 12 single family homes as per current rs1 1 acre zoning. No other use will be considered or permitted.

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Modify section V of table to indicate 12 units for Riverside Terrace as per current zoning.


Objective 5.1 Identify and create alternative access options and facilitate changes to the major road network, in order to improve local conditions.
Policy 5.1.4 Improve safety along major roads for local neighbourhood use.
Implementation Acknowledge sensitive nature of traffic speed on Riverside Drive and continue to monitor on a periodic basis. Establish community based speed reduction programs whenever speed levels become excessive. Increase traffic and parking signage on Riverside Drive and add a Welcome sign and notice board near the Parkway.
Policy 5.1.6 Facilitate the movement of goods in to and out of the community.
Implementation Restrict parking on Riverside Drive to one side to facilitate easier access of trucks, emergency vehicles, and street cleaners.
Objective 5.2 A community-focused transportation system that is safe, equitable and inclusive for vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and transit users.
Policy 5.2.2 Continue to improve accessibility to public transit services, including the provision of alternative transit models.
Implementation Investigate feasibility of shuttle bus service to Chapman Way if available. Add lighting to trail connecting Rivergrove Place to Blueridge. This trail is the only way for upper Seymour Valley residents to presently access the nearest bus services which are available on Berkley. This trail is not usable at night unless residents bring a flashlight with them.
Policy 5.2.3 Continue to improve the circulation system and facilities for cyclists and pedestrians.

Install bike rack near bus stop at Riverside and the Parkway to facilitate Bike and Ride for children, teens, and adult residents. Acknowledge use of Riverside Drive by mountain bikers to access Mountain Bike Trails in the LSCR. Create cement sidewalks along Riverside Drive Add a sidewalk to the east side of Riverside from the Parkway to Swinburne.
Policy 5.2.4 Minimize the impact on local neighbourhoods of traffic destined for District and Regional facilities located in Seymour.
Implementation Maintain existing resident only parking restrictions in the summer months May 15 to Sep 15.  Extend parking restrictions to the bottom of Riverside drive in summer months.


Objective 6.3 To preserve, restore and enhance natural areas, key habitats and other special areas.
Policy 6.3.2 Preserve and enhance wildlife habitat and corridors.
Implementation Provide a protected wildlife corridor from the Mountain Forest to the Maplewood mudflats. Establish complete Canyon Creek wildlife corridor on both the east and west sides of the Seymour Valley. This provides a corridor between Hyannis Point and Hogans Pools to the east and upper Lilloet road to the parkway on the west. This includes passing NPL zoning for lots identified in Bylaw 6970 ammendments. This also includes establishing NPL zoning for lots 2L05 P2536, 2L05 P2076, 2L05 P20696, and an area under the BC Hydro R/W to the west directly across the river from Swinburne ave which is not currently zoned as NPL. Establish Seymour River as a fish corridor. Note: Current plan indicates this is a wildlife corridor. Wildlife (mammals) cannot use the Seymour River Canyon for travel.
Policy 6.3.3 Protect the forested character of Seymour.
Implementation Protect, and allow to remain undisturbed, tracts of wilderness to preserve the overall forested character of Seymour and support present wildlife habitats. Preserve undeveloped forest areas of Mountain and Cove Forests as natural park. Developer and tree companies will conform to required standards for tree protection and preservation in accordance with the District Environmental Protection and Preservation Bylaw (EPPB). Continue to ensure effective protection of trees during land development activities in accordance with the District Environmental Protection and Preservation Bylaw (EPPB).
Objective 6.4 To protect development from natural hazards.
Policy 6.4.2 Work with other jurisdictions and owners to protect development near areas of steep slopes
Implementation Examine the feasibility of a DNV-Provincial Government land exchange agreement to achieve objectives relating to the protection of steep slopes along Riverside Drive.

7.0              PARKS & OPEN SPACE

Objective 7.1 Identify and protect areas having biophysical, environmental, recreational, or historical value.
Policy 7.1.2 Promote environmental protection through the responsible management of recreational access to Seymour's trails, wilderness and waterfront. Acknowledge the environmental importance and sensitivity of Hogan's Pools as a natural area and limit access through designated trails as described in the Hogan's Pools Park Environmental Inventory and Park Concept Plan.

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Objective 7.2 Create linkages between neighbourhoods, parks, community/recreation centres, schools and shopping areas through interconnected parks, warterways and green space.
Policy 7.2.1 Provide connections necessary to complete existing trail systems, respecting environmental considerations and regulations.

Implementation Upgrade the existing Baden-Powell Trail connecting Deep Cove to Grouse Mountain and continue to implement the guidelines of the Baden Powell Trail Study. DNV Parks to consult with trail users to identify priority sections for improvement on a regular basis. Create connecting trails so that the entire Seymour Valley can be circumnavigated via the Canyon Creek corridor. Upgrade the steep sections of the trail connecting Rivergrove Place to Berkley by adding more steps.
Objective 7.3 Maintain and enhance existing park facilities and amenities and plan for new ones to meet current and future park and open space needs
Policy 7.3.1 Maintain and upgrade Seymour's existing parks, trails and open spaces to continue to meet users' needs.
Implementation Investigate a suitable park location and create a playground in the Seymour Valley.
Policy 7.3.2 Identify opportunities for future park, trail or open space development and enhancement, while respecting environmental concerns and regulations.
Implementation Provide year-round access to Pool 88 in the Seymour River and to the stairway leading to the pool.
Replace with:
Maintain May 15 Sep 15 closure of access to Pool 88. Enhance / rebuild trail from Baden Powell Trail to west side of Pool 88 / 99. Create parking on Lilloet road where BP Trail intersects it. This will form the summer access to Pool 88 / 99 without impacting the residential character of the upper Riverside Drive area. 

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Objective 7.4 Improve access and enjoyment for trail and park users while minimizing impacts on local areas.
Policy 7.4.2 Provide sufficient and appropriate parking and amenities to meet park and trail users' needs and protect the surrounding neighbourhoods. In consultation with the surrounding neighbourhood and trail users examine issues and potential solutions to providing parking for access to the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve from the top of Riverside Drive.

Replace with:
Maintain May 15 Sep 15 parking restrictions on Upper Riverside Drive. Place sign at the Parkway and Riverside Drive entrance indicating that the primary access and parking to the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve is located at the top of Lilloet road.

Photos and Story Maintain informal parking at entrance to Riverside across from Hogans Pools currently used mainly by mountain bikers accessing LSCR via Riverside.