14.       New Residential Development within the Boundaries of the Seymour Local Plan Area Until 2006

File 13.6480.20/009.000

Tracking Number 2005-00271

Submitted by Councillor Jim Cuthbert


During the discussion on the following motion, the hour of 10:30 having been reached, and as required by Council policy, it was


Moved by Councillor MURI, Seconded by Councillor NIXON and CARRIED

THAT the meeting continue to 11:00 p.m.


Absent from Meeting:  Councillor WALTON



Moved by Councillor CUTHBERT, Seconded by Councillor MURI


WHEREAS the District of North Vancouver is a designated low growth area within the context of the Greater Vancouver area and its Regional Growth Strategy;


AND WHEREAS Seymour's contribution to regional objectives is the provision and guardianship of much of the region's green zone;


AND WHEREAS the Seymour Local Plan (SLP) requires a careful analysis of the following considerations when considering potential development:

·         Environmental stewardship

·         Transportation and traffic systems

·         Growth parameters

·         Minimizing change in established neighbourhoods

·         Ensuring community services and facilities keep pace with residential development;


AND WHEREAS the SLP adopts a development phasing strategy because of Seymour's inherent potential for change coupled with the community's priorities for environmental stewardship, transportation improvements and livability;


AND WHEREAS the SLP phasing strategy limits residential growth in Seymour to an average of 50 units per year calculated by including all residential growth east to the Seymour River and organized in five year phases to guard against rapid growth that exceeds the functional capacity of Seymour;


AND WHEREAS the five year growth management phases over the 20 year life span of the SLP are: Phase I:  2003-2007; Phase II:  2008- 2012; Phase III:  2013 - 2017; and Phase IV:  2018-2022;


AND WHEREAS a total of approximately 292 new multi-family and single-family residential homes have been built or are currently being built east of the Seymour River since Phase I began in 2003 representing an "overbuilt" scenario of 42 units as outlined below:

Built or being built in Phase I (2003-2007)


Anne MacDonald Way-(Seymour)


Taylor Creek (Seymour)


Seasons 1 (West) (Tsleil-Waututh)


Seasons 2 (South) (Tsleil-Waututh)


Windridge Townhouses (Maplewood)


New Dollarton single family homes (Tsleil-Waututh)


Dollarton Hwy-Brooks single family (Seymour)


(plus infill developments i.e., Strathcona and Panorama – not included in #’s)



Potential Future Developments (post 2007)


Carry-over from excess build in Phase I


Riverside Terrace (Preliminary application)


Mt Seymour Parkway North Side (Preliminary application)


DNV - Windridge (Proposed Land Development Program)





AND WHEREAS potential exists for further increases in units within the SLP area through in-fill and conversion of single-family units into multi-family dwellings;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council direct Planning staff to defer current and future discussions and negotiations regarding new residential development within the boundaries of the SLP area until 2006.



During discussion of the foregoing motion, Councillor Nixon left the meeting at 10:31 p.m. and returned at 10:34 p.m.



Moved by Councillor CUTHBERT, Seconded by Councillor MURI


THAT the foregoing motion be amended by deleting the last clause and substituting the following:


“THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council direct staff to confirm with the Seymour Local Plan Monitoring Committee that the start date for the Seymour Local Plan growth management strategy be 2003.”



(The foregoing motions were not voted on and will be returned to the next meeting at which all members of Council are in attendance).