Name Company Title Phone Role
District Planners
Charlene Grant District of North Van Community Planner 990-2415 SLP Planner
Irwin Torry District of North Van   990-2317  
Richard Zerr District of North Van   990-2387  
Seymour Local Plan Residents Committee
Eric Andersen Blueridge Co-Chair   929-6849 2589 Derbyshire Way
Allan Orr Seymour Chair   929-4404
Barb Murray Seymour Valley Resident   924-0807
Peter Harmer Blueridge Resident   929-2963 1640 Orkney Place
Jim Cuthbert Seymour Resident DNV Councillor to 1996 929-0143 1326 Orlohma Place
Cas Bohlken Blueridge Resident  
Pat Brantingham Deep Cove Resident   929-6910 4680 Eastridge
Tom Kralik Seymour Resident   929-7544 3240 Huntleigh Cres
Jim Porter Lynn Valley Resident   988-3128
Don Williams Blueridge Resident   929-2766 1863 Layton
Dave Sadler Seymour Resident   929-2090 277 Roche Pt Drive
Seymour Local Plan Housing & Schools Committee (not active)
Kathy Turner DNV Resident Chair n/a  
Kathy Bryant DNV Resident Member n/a  
Dianne Silverwood DNV Resident Member 929-8004  
Jim Porter DNV Resident Member 983-2226  
Helena Galas West Van Resident Member 925-3510