Seymour Valley Community Newsletter
October 3, 2002
Edited by Bill Maurer

Notice Board

The Seymour Local Plan proposes a 200-unit complex at Riverside Terrace

 Info Meeting (Tonight)
2403 Riverside Drive
Thursday, Oct 3 7:00pm

We are collecting signatures on a  petition opposing this development.  



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Riverside Terrace and the SLP
Traffic Signs
SVCA Neighbourhood Plan
Upcoming Meetings
Active Issues

Riverside Terrace and the SLP

Riverside Terrace is a 12 acre residential (rs1) zoned property located at what used to be the old gravel pit. The entrance to this property is from a road known as Jordan Ave which cuts through Hogan's Pools between the homes at 882 and 920 Riverside Drive. This is where we currently have the information sign located. Developers have for many years unsuccesfully attempted to have this property rezoned for higher density development.

The current version of the Seymour Local Plan (SLP) is authored by a committee of 12 Seymour residents which have mostly been involved with the plan from the beginning of the process 5 years ago. On November 27, 2001 developers of this property met with the group and made a proposal to build a 200 unit seniors complex on the site. This proposal fulfilled one of the plan objectives which is to provide seniors supportive care housing for the aging Seymour population. Without any further consultation with Seymour residents this project was immediately added to the plan.

A draft version of the plan was made public in May, 2002 and a series of Open Houses were held in June at Parkgate and Canlan Ice Sports. The directors of the SVCA noticed that there were many implementation details in the plan which conflicted with the tranquil lifestyle we are used to in the Seymour Valley. Feedback was immediately provided so that the plan could be corrected.

Most of these details have been accomodated in the latest version of the draft plan EXCEPT RIVERSIDE TERRACE. There were 3 meetings held in various configurations on July 31, Sept 11, and Sept 24 with SLP Committee members. Whenever discussion would turn to Riverside Terrace we were told that the decision had been made and that the Seymour community had been consulted and supported it.

None of the SVCA directors recalled ever being consulted about a seniors complex at Riverside Terrace prior to June, 2002 let alone one of the currrent size and density. We were allowed to review the SLP documents and have documented the exact questions which were asked. These can be found in the Riverside Terrace Review.

The SVCA will present a petition to council at the council meeting of Monday October 7, 2002. These petitions can be signed at the information meeting this evening (Thurs Oct 3).

Full details of the Seymour Local Plan process can be found at

Traffic Committee and Signs

The traffic committee has been reorganized and held its first fall meeting on Oct 2. The committee members are:

Harry McGucken (chair), Michele Payne, Anne Solheim, Jay Rowland, Patrick Murray, and Steve Barclay.

DNV Traffic Engineer Dan Mooney has provided a proposal for a set of traffic signs which the committee reviewed and approved with minor changes.

The proposal can be found at

SVCA Neighbourhood Plan

As a result of experience gained in the SLP planning process, the SVCA is beginning the process of preparing a neighbourhood plan document. This will enable the Seymour Valley to apply to council for a "Neighbourhood Zoning". Such a zoning document gives planners very detailed information of what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable forms of development in the neighbourhood. It essentially allows us to maintain the present character of our neighbourhood and clearly communicates to planners exactly what that is.

If you are interested in participating in such a planning committee please call Bill at 604-929-9442. A very preliminary neighbourhood plan which is a revised version of the Seymour Valley Addendum can be found at

Upcoming Meetings

Oct 1 Maplewood Plan Public Hearing
Oct 3 SVCA Riverside Terrace Info Meeting
Oct 14 ?? Seymour Local Plan presented to council (Proposed Date)
Oct ?? Seymour Local Plan Public Hearing
Oct 19th Bear Network Meeting
Oct 17th FONVCA Meeting

Active Issues

Issue Contact Phone Email List
Traffic Calming Harry McGucken 604-929-6586
SVCA Organization Bill Maurer 604-929-9442
Bear Awareness Barbara Murray 604-924-0807
Block Watch Glen Parker 604-929-8450
LSCR Monitoring and Advisory Committee Willy Schuurman 604-924-3704
Seymour Local Plan Bill Maurer 604-929-9442

If you have any neighbourhood issue you are interested in becoming the contact for then get it added to the issues list and keep people informed or get them involved in the cause. You can do this by sending an email to or calling me at 929-9442.

Note that each issue has its own mailing list which contains all email messages sent to the Email List address. You can either view the messages via a web browser or you can subscribe to one or more lists and the messages will be forwarded to you as they arrive.