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The Seymour Valley Community Association (SVCA) represents your neighbourhood to the District. It represents  a unified voice with a mandate to improve the area’s quality of life. All adult residents of the neighbourhood are automatically members of the association.


The SVCA Charter:


  1. How do I join the SVCA?
  2. You are already a member if you are an adult living within the SVCA boundaries. The geographic area covered by the Seymour Valley Community Association is the Seymour River Valley north of the Seymour Parkway. This includes Riverside Drive, Edgewater Lane, Chapman Way, Treetop Lane, Rivergrove Place, Riverbank Place, Swinburne Ave, Grantham Place, Seymour Blvd, Bow Court, Seymour Court, Heritage Blvd, Tanager Place, and Hilary Place.

  3. Who can raise an issue?

    Any member of the community association can raise and work on an issue.

  4. How do I raise an issue?
  5. The first thing to do is see if there is someone already assigned to the issue. If so, call them and express your views/concerns and see how you can get involved. If not, then call an executive member and volunteer to champion the issue. It will then be added to the list of community issues and assigned to you or you can find someone else that is willing to work on the issue and they will be assigned to it. Issues are often worked on by groups of residents but generally have one primary resident assigned to them. Each issue has a mailing list associated with it which can be viewed via a web browser and which can be subscribed to by people wishing to receive email updates. The current issues, contacts, and mailing list addresses are described on the website homepage at

  6. Are there issues I can help with which are not yet assigned to anyone?

    Yes, we have many more issues than volunteers at the present time. Here is a list of unassigned ones:


Date Article Author
May 5, 2003 Bylaws SVCA
May 5, 2003 Representative Endorsement Understanding SVCA
March 5, 2002 Proposed Constitution Andrew Karlstrom
February 5, 2002 SVCA Kickoff Powerpoint Slides Phil Holland