Seymour Valley Community Newsletter
July 15, 2002
Issue 5
Edited by Bill Maurer

Important Notice

Seymour Local Plan

Draft Presentation to SVCA

North Van District Hall
Late July/Early Aug (tba)

Upcoming Meetings

July 18th Bear Network Meeting
July 18th FONVCA Meeting
to be announced Seymour Local Plan
Sep 4th SVCA Executive Meeting

Active Issues

Issue Contact Phone Email List
Traffic Calming Harry McGucken 604-929-6586
SVCA Organization Bill Maurer 604-929-9442
Bear Awareness Barbara Murray 604-924-0807
Block Watch Glen Parker 604-929-8450
LSCR Monitoring and Advisory Committee Willy Schuurman 604-924-3704
Seymour Local Plan Harry McGucken 604-929-6586

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Seymour Local Plan

The current draft version of the Seymour Local Plan can be found on the district's website, at local libraries, and at the Community planning counter at District Hall. The Seymour Local Plan covers the area between Parkgate and the Seymour River north of the Seymour Parkway.

Where are we in the process? 

The plan has been developed through a community based planning process by a number of interested residents and local government staff over a period of 5 years since 1997. The draft version of the plan was released in June and a series of open houses were held at the Parkgate Rec Center, Ron Andrews Rec Center, and Ice Sports Center. Further input is being solicited during July in an effort to gain additional support for the plan and to help identify contentious issues. The amended plan will be presented to council for acceptance in the September/October timeframe.

The SVCA has not been involved in the planning process thus far. A meeting specifically focused on the Seymour Valley is being organized at district hall to allow the plan to be presented to residents of the community and to solicit input. It is unfortunate that this is occurring during the summer months when many residents are away on holidays. An hour spent now to ensure our community vision is incorporated in the plan is worth 100 hours later trying to oppose change we do not want. If you are available please come to this very important meeting to help determine the future of our community. If you cannot attend and would like to provide some feedback, send email to Charlene Grant, DNV Community Planner, ( or phone her at 604-990-2415. Also please forward email regarding this issue to

The sections that specifically refer to the Seymour Valley are as follows:

Chapter 4.0 Housing & Schools

Objective 4.3 Safeguard lands, natural and built assets for future generations

Policy 4.3.1 Designate District land, suitable sites and other resources for long term housing needs of an aging population and future generations.

Implementation Riverside Terrace (Map 4) will be designated for further study as a potential future site for supportive housing, subject to environmental and transportation issues being addressed.

Chapter 7.0 Parks and Open Space

Objective 7.3  Maintain and upgrade Seymour’s existing parks, trails and open spaces to continue to meet users' needs.

Policy 7.3.2 Identify opportunities for future park, trail or open space development and enhancement, while respecting environmental concerns and regulations.

Implementation Provide year-around access to Pool 88 in the Seymour River and to the stairway leading to the pool.

Objective 7.4  Improve access and enjoyment for trail and park users while minimizing impacts on local areas.

Policy 7.4.2 Provide sufficient and appropriate parking and amenities to meet park and trail users' needs and protect the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Implementation  In consultation with the surrounding neighbourhood and trail users examine issues and potential solutions to providing parking for access to the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve from the top of Riverside Drive.

Traffic Calming

Results from the latest traffic cable analysis indicate that speeds are down significantly from where they were prior to the speed humps being installed. The study indicates an 85th percentile of 57.9 kph (May 8-14) in the 800 block and 58.3 kph (May 23-29) in the 1800 block. The latest graphs are available on the website.

We lost the chairman of the committee, Andrew Karlstrom to work commitments in June. Harry MacGucken is seeking a recommitment from existing members or other new members who are interested. A new chairman will be selected at the next traffic committee meeting. 

SVCA Organization

Andrew Karlstrom resigned as a director of the SVCA and as chair of the Traffic Committee in June due to work requirements of his new job.

Minutes of the Executive meetings are now available on the web site.