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Development Application

June 9, 2004 7:00pm
Canlan Ice Sports

hosted jointly by Blueridge CA and Seymour Valley CA

If you are concerned about safety, the environment, or quality of life, you will want to have a voice in this development proposal.

What is proposed? 36 narrow single-family residential lots to be accessed via Browning Place, just west of the intersection of Mt. Seymour Parkway and Berkley Rd.

These are some of the issues raised by residents.

  1. Slope stability is a serious concern, and there are many recorded instances of slopes failing and houses sliding in other parts of Blueridge and Riverside with similar aspects and slopes. The houses were built on the same unconsolidated gravel on which the proposed development would be built. Large amounts of backfill, which is particularly unstable, would be required.

  2. The natural spawning habitat of the Seymour River has been decimated by development, and Hoganís Pools is one of the few remaining spawning areas on the Lower Seymour River. The Development encompasses a huge portion of the drainage of Hoganís Pools, which would threaten the Chum, Coho, Cutthroat and Pink Salmon that use the pools to spawn. Hoganís Pools has been preserved as a park because it is salmon habitat. Whatís the point of creating a park if you destroy the sensitive watershed above it?

  3. The gravel pit site is part of a wildlife corridor which hosts bears, coyotes, deer, raccoons, squirrels and surely many other species. The Alder and Salmonberry re-growth in the gravel pit is excellent songbird habitat. Much of the Alder forest would be destroyed.

  4. Strong objections were voiced to the Developers and the District of North Vancouver using Browning Place as access.

  5. If the proposal goes ahead, 16 lots would be made into an isolated strip, surrounded by heavy traffic on Berkley Road or Seymour Parkway, and the new proposed road. Do you want the district to allow this standard?

    Come out to the meeting on Wednesday, June 09, and let your views be heard by the developer and North Vancouver District planning staff.


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