I would like to present you with a petition from the residents of the Seymour Valley which requests the removal of all clauses in the proposed Seymour Local Plan which change the current land use designation of Riverside Terrace. Any representation that local residents support this change are completely false. This petition has been signed by 265 residents living in the Seymour Valley whose signatures were collected in 3 days with the help of 10 volunteers. We did not attempt to petition residents living in lower Blueridge to the east of the site which have also not been notified of the proposed land use changes. Our polling indicates that no less than 80% of residents are opposed to the project.
The group attempting to change the land-use designation of this property came very close to succeeding without  providing any notification to local residents. The primary reason for this is that members of the SLP committee are not required to work with the Seymour community associations in formulating the plan. Events have shown that this committee can make significant land use changes without adequately informing local residents and have also chosen to ignore representations made by the SVCA during this summer's public input process.
The Seymour Valley community is completely residential in it's character and has a symbiotic relationship with the Maplewood community which provides complementary commercial, retail, multi-family, and schooling services to our residents. Maplewood also provides the most suitable location for supportive care facilities and should give a high priority to this form of housing.
Given what has just happened I would like to propose that the SLP committee be required to obtain signatures from the chairs of the Seymour community associations endorsing the plan prior to it being presented to council. The SVCA is prepared to endorse the plan once the Riverside Terrace development and land use change specified in Policy 6.3.4 have been removed.
Bill Maurer
Seymour Valley Community Association