Seymour Valley Community Association (SVCA)



Seymour Escarpment
Committee Meeting

Tue Jan 31, 2006 7:00pm
Location: DNV Hall
355 West Queens Road

hosted jointly by Blueridge CA and Seymour Valley CA


The SVCA represents your neighbourhood to the District. It provides a unified voice with a mandate to improve the quality of life in the area. For more information read all About the SVCA Organization



The latest news and information for residents regarding Seymour Escarpment Landslide and Slope Stability issues can be found here. If you haven't subscribed to our mailing list, you can do so on the form below to receive email updates.


Community Newsletters are published periodically:



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Meetings & Minutes

Annual Generally Meetings (AGM's) are held early in the year in a community meeting hall. Notice of meetings occurs via a newsletter publication and road signage posted at the entrance to the Seymour Valley on Riverside Drive.

Quarterly meetings are held regularly in one of the homes of the directors. If you'd like to attend the next quarterly meeting, please send a message to SVCA directors requesting the location and agenda.  

Meetings Minutes are published shortly after the meeting on this web site.



Please be involved in your community association. The simplest way is to come to meetings and make sure you express your community interests. There are many ways to volunteer. If there is a specific issue you are interested in resolving, you could assist with finding a resolution. If you would like a more permanent involvement then you could volunteer for a position on the executive.

If you would like to receive notification of community events and our newsletter, add your email address to our mailing list by filling in the form below and pressing submit.




Directors volunteer their time and are are elected at annual general meetings. Current Directors are listed below. You can reach all directors by sending an email message to SVCA directors.

Director Name Position Phone Address
Bill Maurer Chair 604-789-2172 2403 Riverside Drive
Nancy Van Insberghe Director 604-925-5650 2430 Chapman Way
Phil Holland Director 604-924-1087 2315 Riverside Drive
David Mundie Director 604-929-2440 2419 Treetop Lane
Will Schuurman Director 604-924-3704 1916 Rivergrove Place
Rob Wharton Director 604-970-9493 1519 Riverside Drive



Here is a list of the current committees and chairpersons. Each committee also has a mailing list which you can subscribe to or view via a web browser. 

Issue Contact Phone Email List
Traffic Ann Solheim 604-929-6586
Bear Awareness Barbara Murray 604-924-0807
Block Watch Glen Parker 604-929-8450
LSCR Advisory Will Schuurman 604-924-3704

If you have any new issues or concerns you would like the association to address then send a message to or call Bill Maurer at 604-789-2172.


Here is a list of the projects we are working on and the primary contact person for that issue. Each issue also has a mailing list which you can subscribe to or view via a web browser. 

Issue Contact Phone Start Completion
Escarpment Committee Bill Maurer 604-789-2172 24Jan2005  
CMAC Will Schuurman 604-924-3704 10Oct2002  
Community Sign Bill Maurer 604-789-2172 10Dec2002  
Cemetery Noise Michele Payne 604-929-4444 13Nov2002  
Blueridge Access Will Schuurman 604-924-3704 10Oct2002  
Riverside Drive Resurfacing  tbd      
Speed Humps Phil Holland 604-929-6586 27Feb2001 15Mar2002
Riverside Terrace Bill Maurer 604-789-2172 10Jun2002  
Seymour Local Plan Bill Maurer 604-789-2172 14Sep1998  
Move Encroaching Power Poles tbd   10Oct2002  
Sidewalks Ken Reid 604-929-3254 10Oct2002  
Traffic Warning Light Michele Payne 604-929-4444 30Jun2003  

Funding for these projects is requested from the district via Budget Requests:

Community Business

Click here to view businesses and services offered by our community. If you are interested in posting an ad then send the graphic or text to There is no charge for this service. 




Community Photos

Do you have photos that capture the character of the community? If so, please submit a copy by emailing it to and we'll considering posting it in our Photo Gallery.





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