Advanced Traffic Warning Light


One project of the SVCA Traffic Committee has been to lobby the District to install an amber flashing red-light warning signal on the descending hill of the Parkway on the westbound approach to the Riverside Drive intersection. Most residents of our community have probably experienced at least once the difficulty of turning left up Riverside Drive from the Parkway because of vehicles running the red light down the hill.

In the year 2002, 102 crashes occurred on the section of Mount Seymour Parkway between Riverside Drive and Mount Seymour Road. 43 of those crashes resulted in personal injury. The percentage breakdown of crashes and location shows that Riverside Drive is the most dangerous intersection with nearly half (44%) of the 102 crashes occurring here.

The District has so far indicated that they do not feel it is necessary or that the site fits the criteria to require installation. However, we will continue to press for this improvement.


1) Traffic Safety

2) Injury reduction


December 2003. District Report regarding Speed and Collisions on Mt. Seymour Pkwy from Riverside Drive east to Mount Seymour Road. Summary: while the "number of traffic collision is significant and increasing dramatically", an advanced warning light is not recommended for the junction of Riverside Dr & the Parkway.
Mt. Seymour Pkwy Speed & Collision Report (pdf)

April 2003. District response to November 2002 Residents  requests. Summary: Guidelines for advance warning signal installation have not been met and they are reluctant to move the red-light running camera. 
District Response Apr 2003 (pdf)

November 2002. Residents letter to the District requesting 1) an Advance warning light be installed on Mt. Seymour Pkwy at Riverside Drive for westbound traffic AND 2) change in current red-light camera pointed in the eastbound direction to monitor the westbound light runners. 
Residents Request Nov2002

July  2002. ICBC collision data for the Intersection of Mt Seymour Pkwy & Riverside Dr. from January 01, 1996 to May 31, 2002. Although there are no traffic accidents causing deaths listed, there are 40 injury incidents over 6 years! 
Collision Table