Seymour Valley Community Association




 Article I – Duties of the Executive and Board of Directors


Section 1. Chair

The Chair shall be the executive officer of this Association and shall preside over all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors. 


Section 2. Vice-Chair

The Vice-Chair in the absence of the Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Association and at the meetings of the Board of Directors.


Section 3. Secretary/Treasurer

The Secretary/Treasurer will be responsible for ensuring that Minutes are recorded for all meetings.

The Secretary/Treasurer will facilitate basic bookkeeping and record keeping with respect to the Association’s business.


Section 4. Board of Directors

a)      The Directors shall determine policies and activities of the Association; elect the Executive; approve all expenses incurred by the Association or by the Board before such claims are paid; and, strike committees as required.

b)      All Directors representing the view or policies of the Community Association in a public forum, whether in writing or in person, shall clearly state that they are acting on behalf of the Seymour Valley Community Association.

c)      The Directors shall be vested with the power to call special meetings of the Association and to designate the date, time and place of any such meeting, together with a reason for call of such meeting, same to be fully stated in a notice.


Article II – Political Action


The Association shall not endorse, either by expenditure of funds or through a vote of its Board of Directors or membership, any candidate for public office.


Article III – Board Vacancies


The Directors may at their discretion appoint a replacement to fill a vacancy during the term.


Article IV – Quorum


Four or more Directors in a meeting shall constitute a quorum sufficient for the transaction of any and all business of the Association.


Article V – Board Meetings


The Board of Directors shall meet a minimum of once per quarter.


Article VI – Informal Voting


The Board, at its discretion, may vote on various issues via email.  No fewer than five Board members must respond by email or in writing within 72 hours of a proposed resolution and a minimum three-quarters majority of the Board (five) is required to pass the resolution. 


Article VII – Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting shall be held within 60 days of the fiscal and calendar yearend with no less than 14 days notice to the membership.  A minimum of 30 members must be present at the AGM in order for it to proceed.  In the event of less than 30 members in attendance, the Board will immediately call an Extraordinary Meeting of the Board of Directors to determine next steps and will advise the Community accordingly.


Article VIII - Community Response

The Directors may at its discretion formally or informally solicit a response from the community on various issues to more accurately gauge the desires of the Community as a whole.


Article IX – Committees


Members of the community may request that the Board consider any issues affecting the community by written request to the Chair.  The Directors may strike a Committee primarily consisting of resident members with at least one Board member.  When requested, the Committee Chair or Board sponsor shall provide a status report to the Board.  Any course of action recommended by the Committee must be approved by the Board prior to implementation. 


Article X – Community Representatives


The Directors may sanction a representative to attend public meetings, council meetings, municipal committees or other meetings where issues are being addressed that may affect the community.  The SVCA representative shall gather information and report back to the Board.  Only with permission and direction from the Board shall the representative act as a spokesperson to communicate the Association’s position on behalf of the community as a whole.


Article XI – Changes in Constitution and By-laws


Changes in Constitution and By-laws shall be determined by a three-quarters majority vote of the Directors.  All other questions shall be decided by a majority vote.