Minutes of the SVCA Board Meeting

April 29, 2004

1916 Rivergrove Place


Meeting called to order 7:45 p.m.    Michele Payne, Bill Maurer, Willy Schuurman, Ken Reid in attendance.   Phil Holland and John Lane absent.

 1.  Acceptance of Jan 27th Minutes.  Moved by Bill; seconded by Willy; accepted unanimously.

 2.  Nomination of Chair:  Willy nominated Bill to continue as Chair, seconded by Ken.  Unamimous.

 3.  SLP:  The Seymour Local Plan finally passed by Council.  Bill will keep in touch with Alan Orr to ensure that the SVCA is always represented at the SLP Monitoring Committee.  If Bill is unable to attend a meeting he will ensure one of the other directors goes as the representative.

 4.  Cemetery Noise:  The Monashee Connector and Seymour Water Main replacement projects are well underway, and will continue for 6 months.  Noise is being generated and no attempts as yet to minimize it.

Willy, Bill and Ron Payne attended a group tour of the new Filtration Plant construction site and Seymour Dam, and had the opportunity to talk with GVRD and District staff, as well as the Noise Consultant, Doug Kennedy.

They have agreed to on-site noise monitoring and to work with us.  Ironically, they will be constructing a noise fence on the west side of the tunnel digging to protect Lynn Valley residents.  Willy will get in touch with the Blueridge Association to get them on side as they will definitely be affected too.

 5.  Sidewalk Committee:  Ken expressed his frustration with the lack of follow through on the direction the Committee has determined to go.  Bob Charlton is now off the Committee, and Phil has been very busy, so implementation has stalled.  Willy suggested he ask John Lane to assist in this area.  Ken will reconstitute the committee, and seek renewed commitment.  Ken will establish a connection with Donna Howes, and pursue some of the pointers she made at the AGM, such as letters to owners to clear their vegetation from sidewalk easements, and funding through Capital Improvements rather than Maintenance budgets only.

 6.  Other Business:  Bus routes are being re-examined in the area by the Transit Authority.  A meeting will be held on May 13th to consider Community Shuttle Service.  Bill will attend the meeting to offer the idea of service on Riverside Drive, and Willy will attend an open house on the subject on May 20th, both to report back.

 7.  Next meeting:  Wednesday, June 23rd at Ken Reidís, 1554 Riverside Drive .  Please RSVP.

 Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.