Minutes of the SVCA Board Meeting

March 5, 2003

1857 Riverside Drive

Meeting called to order 7:50 p.m. Bill Maurer, Michele Payne, Ken Reid, Bob Charlton, Willy Schuurman in attendance. Absent: Phil Holland

1. Acceptance of Minutes. For January 8th Moved: Bob Second: Michele Carried unanimously.

For Feb. 19th Moved: Michele Second: Bob Carried unanimously.

2. Appointment of Chair, Secretary/Treasurer: It was agreed that Michele would continue as Secretary/Treasurer and that Bill and Bob would share duties as Co-Chairs, with Bill being more of the external face and contact person; and Bob as the internal coordinator and Chair of Board meetings.

3. LSCR Questionnaire: Willy reported receiving only 6 questionnaires back at the AGM. It was believed more than that was turned in to the folder on the table. Bill would look for the folder in his papers and give it to Willy for more discussion at the next meeting.

4. Sidewalks: Ken was apprised of the discussion at the AGM. Michele moved that the Sidewalk Committee conduct an inventory of the west side, house by house in order to give the District specific requests for hedge trimmings, location of encroachments, and telephone poles and where more limestone is needed in order to secure the 5-6 foot width allowance. Second: Willy. A discussion ensued about costs, finding out what the District has planned. Bob emphasized that the District should pay for any maintenance, and that this type of program should not entail any cost to residents. First, Ken wanted to have a meeting of the Committee (Ken, Phil, and Bob) next week. The question was not called on the motion.

5. Berkley/Sechelt Crosswalk: Willy asked for support from the SVCA for a crosswalk on Berkley close to the entrance to the Rivergrove access trail which many children from our neighbourhood use to get to school. He showed photos of the area on his laptop. Support was given for Willy to pursue on behalf of the SVCA a request to the District for this crosswalk.

6. Pacific Shooters Assn. Renewal: Willy asked whether the SVCA had a position in relation to the renewal of the Gun Clubís lease for the shooting range in the LSCR. Half the members supported the renewal and did not find it bothersome, and half felt it was incompatible for the Reserve and noisy. It was therefore agreed that no official position from the SVCA would be given, and this topic could be pursued on an individual basis as desired.

7. Riverside Water Main: Further to the AGM, Willy contacted the authorities about the replacement of the Main under Riverside Drive. It is still not conclusive, but it may be replaced in 2006 which must be kept in mind for any sidewalk improvements.

8. Rock-crusher: Michele, Willy and others have noticed the crusher is up and running frequently and long hours of late. Willy had called Gordon Ferguson twice already. It was agreed another letter should be sent, this time to both District and City Councils. Michele will draft letters. Also to encourage residents to phone, Fergusonís number should be in the next e-newsletter. Willy will draft a blurb for the newsletter.

9. Traffic Committee. Michele reported that the Committee has bogged down over signs before they seem willing to conduct Speed Watch sessions in small teams at different locations along Riverside. Meanwhile Steve Barclay continues to use his radar gun in the 900 block, and is reported to be jumping out in front of vehicles, wagging fingers and confronting drivers about their speed. This was specifically warned against by Con. Beaudoin. Michele expressed concern that this behaviour perpetuates the Lower/Upper division and tensions, and defeats any attempts to bring people together to solve this problem. She will ask Patrick Murray to head up the Speed Watch groups and to contact Ken who volunteered again to serve on Speed Watch.

10 Entrance Sign: Bill reported that little has happened with the Sign and funding is very unclear. It was agreed that we must proceed quickly to get the ball rolling again. It was felt that we needed to push harder for funding from the budget. Bill will contact Charlene immediately after getting an outside quote on a Cedar carved sign which he felt he needed as a reference to discuss costs with Charlene.

Next meeting: Thursday, April 3th, 7:30 p.m. at Kenís, 1554 Riverside Drive.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.