Minutes of the SVCA Board Meeting

December 3, 2002

2298 Chapman Way

Meeting called to order 7:40 p.m. Phil Holland, Bill Maurer, Michele Payne, Ken Reid in attendance.

Absent: Harry McGucken, Sher Sacks, Bob Charlton.

1. Acceptance of Minutes. Moved: Michele Second: Phil Carried unanimously.

2. Newsletter: Bill presented a draft of the December newsletter written by him and Michele. Some corrections and changes were noted. Action: Michele and Bill to amend and send final copy to Phil along with the address database. Phil to print newsletter and envelopes, then notify Board to attend stuffing session on Thursday if possible.

3. AGM. Bill had not secured a date or location as yet. A discussion ensued about candidate nomination cut-off or whether they should be allowed to volunteer at the AGM. It was felt that some information should be provided for the residents to make informed decisions for elections. Also, to better prepare ballots, etc.

The January 31st cutoff date will be added to newsletter, which allows entry up to two weeks prior to the AGM, and enables a newsletter to go out with candidate profiles. Also, this can be addressed in the by-laws wording. Action: Bill to phone Wednesday to try to settle on a date and location to add to this newsletter if possible, Michele to draft Candidate Information Sheet.

4. Riverside Terrace Update: Bill had nothing new to report, and is still monitoring the issue. Action: Bill to send Charlene Grant a copy of newsletter and request an update.

5. Sidewalks: Ken was brought up to date on the sidewalk repairs in progress, and our contact Len at the District. Concern about the inappropriate width and interference from the new cedar hedge was discussed. Action: Ken to contact Len and ask that the hedge be removed right away. Bill to give Ken the contact info, and Howes report. Phil to give Ken copies of his research information. Ken to form a Sidewalk committee and coordinate first meeting.

6. Other Business: Michele mentioned the recent meeting about the Entrance sign being in the budget. Charlene is working on graphic designs for it. Michele asked Phil to help with smaller graphics for Traffic Speed Awareness Programís generic Sign using the SVCA Logo. Phil suggested that a chalkboard would be useful for quickly showing traveling speeds to motorists by the volunteers. Action: Phil to do graphic for the Traffic Committee to use to cost signage.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Next meeting: Wednesday, January 8th, at 7:30 p.m. at Kenís, 1554 Riverside Drive.