Minutes of the SVCA Board Meeting

November 13, 2002

2403 Riverside Drive

Meeting called to order 7:30 p.m. Phil Holland, Bob Charlton, Bill Maurer, Michele Payne in attendance.

Absent: Harry McGucken, Ken Reid, Sher Sacks.

1. Acceptance of Minutes. Moved: Bob Second: Bill Carried unanimously.

2. Traffic Committee Update: Michele reported that the Traffic Committee has set a goal of reducing average speeds on Riverside by 5kph by May 2003. There is still some uneasiness about our locally-run Speed Watch Program. The Committee wants a professional-looking sign and they are investigating costs and options, but are looking to the Board for some funding assistance. No specific request was ready at this time. The Board expressed surprise that the home-made signage we had used several times to-date were not deemed suitable. Phil offered to investigate a banner-print option. The Committee is also seeking approval from the Board of a drafted letter to the District to request a red-light warning sign on Mt. Seymour Parkway heading west (down the hill). Moved: Michele Second: Phil Carried unanimously. Action: Bill to send letter on behalf of the SVCA.

3. Rock-Crusher Update. Despite the District’s letter to the City to cease the rock-crusher noise and operations by October 2nd, there has been little change except reduced frequency due to the season. It appears that the City is talking back regarding similar infractions in the District. Michele has drafted a letter to Mr. Ferguson requesting an update on the situation, and that we are kept informed of any progress. Bob suggested one line be omitted. Carried unanimously. Action: Bill to send corrected copy.

4. Riverside Terrace Update: Bill reported that since our petition of 276 names was presented in opposition to high-density development on the Terrace, the Seymour Local Plan Committee has met and voted to designate the area as parkland instead. They have communicated this change to Charlene Grant at the District who expressed reluctance to pursue that direction. Phil moved that the SVCA support the SLP Committee’s new direction to indicate Riverside Terrace as parkland in the Seymour Local Plan. Second: Bill. Carried. Action: Bill to monitor amendments to the SLP draft.

5. Municipal Elections: As per our by-law, the SVCA Board will not be recommending any particular candidates in the upcoming election

6. New Business:

a) CMAC (water project) wants to come and speak at our next SVCA meeting. Bill moved that a representative attend the AGM. Second: Michele. Carried.

b) Bob brought an ad from the local paper asking for members for a DNV Community Services Advisory Committee. It was agree that the SVCA should have a representative on it. Action: Bill to email for more details of what is involved and the next newsletter will ask for interested residents.

c) The SVCA AGM should be held in February. Action: Bill to enquire for a room within our budget available on weeknights of Feb. 18,19,20,25,26, or 27th.

d) Michele suggested the next Newsletter be a mail-out to reach more residents and that it should announce the AGM, call for candidates to serve on the Board, and summarize our progress for the year. Phil Holland offered to fund two mail-outs. It was agreed we would attempt to get one out in late November or early December. Then a second mail-out in mid-January which will list the candidates and include a complete copy of the Constitution and By-laws which the membership will need to vote on at the AGM. Action: Michele to draft updates for Traffic, the Rock-crusher scenario, finalize Constitution and By-laws; Bill to draft update on Riverside Terrace and the results of the petition. ****All Board members prepare for an envelope stuffing session.****

Meeting was adjourned at 9:24 p.m.

Next meeting: Tuesday, December 3rd, at 7:30 p.m. at Bob’s, 1857 Riverside Drive.