Minutes of the SVCA Board Meeting

September 4, 2002

Meeting called to order at 7:45 p.m. All directors in attendance.

Bill moved the Adoption of the Minutes of June 19th. Second: Harry Carried.

Action List reviewed:

Bill -circulate final revision of Constitution and By-laws for approval next meeting. Notes have been lost, others to send Bill any hand-written notes so he can reconstruct the changes. Final draft to be emailed for approval.

-circulate to directors an email draft of message to newly sanctioned SVCA representatives making

reference to Article X to explain the parameters of their role, for email approval by directors

before sending on to the representatives. Not ready – given to Michele to complete.

Harry -seek re-commitment from Traffic Committee members, or other new members who are

interested and then set a meeting at which a Chair can be selected. Ongoing.

Phil, Bill, Harry -attend June 25th meeting and express SVCA support for Natural Parkland designation

on local green spaces. Observed via media.

Phil, Bill -draft two letters to District about temporary parking passes and gate-key privileges. Circulate

to Directors. Bill to sign and send. Deemed no longer necessary, as the gate has been

relocked and parking problems have subsided.

Michele -form a Pool 88 Review Committee from local or area residents. Overtaken by Seymour Local

Plan, under which process the Community view will be given.

Bill presented his Addendum to the Seymour Local Plan with the purpose of introducing Seymour Valley issues into the existing Plan structure. A long discussion ensued on the wording of each added clause and amendments were noted. Bill to continue efforts to have a SVCA representative on the Residents Group involved in the SLP process. Carried unanimously.

Next, Bill tabled the Seymour Valley Budget Request to be submitted to the District as a “wish list” for projects desired by the Community. Approval was given with minor changes. Carried unanimously.

Michele informed the Board that the grinding noise everyone has been hearing throughout the last few months is not Water Main construction, trains or other work as many thought. In fact, John Wiles and Sons have set up a commercial rock-crushing and fill operation on a pocket of North Van. City land near the cemetery. One area resident has requested sound shielding be put around the crusher machine. Michele moved that after further investigation on the land authority issue, a letter be sent from the SVCA Chair to continue the effort to minimize noise pollution in the Seymour Valley. Second: Bob. Carried unanimously.

Adding parcels to the Natural Parkland Bylaw 6970 to preserve the area greenbelts was discussed. Bill will continue working on this.

Next Meeting at Bill’s on October 2nd., at 7:30 p.m. Meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.


Michele -circulate to directors the Minutes and Action List for next meeting.

-draft and circulate SVCA representative endorsement.

-draft SVCA letter to City/ District regarding Crusher noise up the valley.

Bill -push for adoption of Addendum, and for SVCA representative in meetings

-submit SVCA Budget Request

-reconstruct Constitution, By-laws, circulate for email approval

-present Natural Parkland bylaw additions to Distirct and give SVCA approval for the

overall Plan.

Harry -reconvene traffic committee.