Minutes of the SVCA Board Meeting

March 27,2002

Meeting called to order at 7:26 p.m. Absent: Ken Reid, Sher Sacks.

Bob moved the Adoption of the Minutes of March 6th. Second: Phil. Passed unanimously.

A second review of the Constitution and By-laws ensued with lengthy discussion on the wording for Article 2 - political action clause and Article 10 – committees and representation. Bill re-read the revisions as developed. Phil moved that the revisions be accepted. Second: Andrew. Carried.

The sanctioning of Seymour Valley Community Association representatives then followed:

1) Lower Seymour Conservation Area – Willy Schurmann. Moved: Phil Second: Harry. Carried

2) Riverside Drive Traffic Safety Committee – Andrew Karlstrom. Moved: Harry 2nd: Bob. Carried.

Andrew moved that Barb Murray be asked to attend the next Board meeting to update the Board on Bear Awareness progress, and to discuss the parameters of being a representative for the SVCA.

Second: Michele. Not Carried.

3) Bear Awareness Network – Bill Maurer Moved: Phil Second: Bob. Carried

Phil moved that Bill thank Barb for all her efforts with the bears issue and encourage her to continue her work, but inform her that he (Bill) will act as spokesperson for the SVCA at meetings. Second: Harry. Carried. Andrew abstained.

4) Official Community Plans – Harry McGucken. Moved: Phil Second: Bob Carried.

Phil moved that Bill send an email to each of the newly sanctioned SVCA representatives referring to By-laws Article 10 to explain the parameters of their role and the Board’s expectations; and that the email be circulated to the Directors for approval prior to being sent. Second: Michele Carried.

Next was discussion of the newsletter to be sent by mail in early April. It was agreed that Bill and Michele would work on the draft, which would be circulated to all Directors for approval. Michele moved that the newsletter set the tone of the post-speed-hump era and outlines the work of the Traffic Committee and the Bear Awareness program.

Next Meeting at Bob’s at 1857 Riverside Drive, on May 1st, at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 p.m.