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From: Willy Schuurman
To: Susan Rogers ; Donna Howes ; Lorikessel@yahoo.com
Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2004 4:59 PM
Subject: Maplewood School closure and connector trails

Susan and Donna, I want to introduce you to Lori Kessel. Lori is head of the Maplewood elementary school Parent Advisory Committee and is working with the School District to make sure they understand the implications of proposed closures.
Lori, Susan is head of DNV Parks and maintains DNV trails. Donna is head of DNV Traffic.
Donna was kind enough to come out to out Seymour Valley Community Association (SVCA) meeting last week and give an update on a SVCA request for improved trail access to schools, buses and parks in Blueridge, see http://www.seymourvalley.ca/brtrail/default.htm for background on the issue. Donna mentioned that the request for trail improvements is on the DNV projects lists (the SVCA formally requested improvements 2 years ago), but she gave the impression that trail improvements were low priority for the parks department. She also mentioned that community bussing (small transit buses) are being considered but mentioned that it is unlikely like community buses would ever come up Riverside Drive.

Susan & Donna, I would like to repeat that if the Maplewood school closure goes ahead,  the need for trail improvements to both the upper and lower trails will become even more important. Currently many children walk or bike down to Maplewood from the Riverside area. If Maplewood does close, there will be a need for these kids to walk east to either Seymour Heights or Blueridge Elementary Schools.  The Lower connector trail would improve access to Seymour Heights and the upper trail would improve access to Blueridge.
Susan, It might help Lori if you could officially let her know the status of the request for trail improvements so she can keep the School district appraised of how difficult it will be for residents to get to alternate schools.
Willy Schuurman