From: "Rivergrove Residentt>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004 7:40 PM
Subject: Tuesday meeting


My family would like to respond to some of the agenda items being covered, as I cannot attend in person. My family and I have lived at 203x Rivergrove place since 1990 and one of the main reasons for moving to this area was to enjoy the natural beauty and serenity offered. We have strong feelings against the implementation of overhead lighting above the trail leading from Rivergrove place to Berkley.

First and foremost we feel this lighting will totally degrade the serenity that we have enjoyed for so many years. The lighting will impinge on quiet summer evenings being spent outdoors enjoying the evening stars and the solitude of the area. The amount of stray light imposed will detract from our enjoyment of natural forest setting and if anything add to unwanted light pollution.

To rebuke some of the issues stated I would like to point out we have used this trail for many years and long before there was a set of stairs and never encountered any of the problems you suggest. I would like to point out that persons planning to use the steps late at night do as we have done and purchase a flashlight to carry with them. This is much less expensive and a solution to the problem.

Below the photo it was indicated that the burned rails suggest a hangout for after hours youth. What do you think improved lighting is going to do? Drive them away? If anything all this will do is make the likelihood only greater that they will hang out, because now they can see what they are doing. This doesn't make any sense! And I'm sure that if this hangout becomes popular it certainly will add to increased noise levels as well. Have you considered how this will impact the residents living by the trail or even bothered to ask them?

In addition to increased taxation to provide this lighting, we will now be encumbered with increased foot traffic, increased probability of break and enter, increased noise, and increased problems in general. We do not welcome this and are strongly opposed to the implementation of this project. Secondly, we do not see the purpose of adding a sign down by the bridge. What purpose does this serve other than to add expense to an otherwise overextended district tax cost? I wondered have you considered how long this signal will be in place before the first graffiti appears on it? Then we will end up dealing with the ongoing maintenance of cleaning and upkeep. It does not make sense.

Your other suggestions seem much more viable and we are in support of the sidewalk, parking, power pole issues, lights at Riverside and the Parkway along with the Hogan Pool project. Please let us know how this goes.

Thank you for your time and consideration