From: Robert Grant []
Sent: November 25, 2001 6:32 PM
To: Don Bell
Subject: Riverside Speed Humps

Honourable Mayor, Don H. Bell,

I am currently an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University, enrolled in Engineering Science. In my first few months of study at SFU, I was told that a fatal error in any calculation could cost you your company. With the mistake that the Riverside Drive "Speed Hump" contractors have most definitely made, I am sure that this company will not be hired to work in the District of North Vancouver again.

Concerning Councillor MacKay-Dunn's comment, "I am confused by the fact that your association president has spoken in favour of the speed humps" I would like you to keep a few things in mind. Mr Ray Burns, considered to be Seymour Valley Community Association (SVCA) leader, has never contacted any residents in the northern Riverside Drive area. For the twenty-one years that my family has lived in the area, we have never been contacted or even heard about the SVCA or Mr. Burns. It is very apparent that this 'president' has avoided questioning the northern neighbourhoods about this problem, which ultimately affects them. Furthermore, it can be easily concluded that Mr. Burns is not representing the entire Riverside Drive Area and that he should only be acknowledged as the president of the southern most part of this street.

Furthermore, throughout the years that I have lived in the Riverside Drive area I have witnessed the GVRD destroy our road annually. Every year there is an extensive project to replace old worn out pipelines, often failing and having to re-replace them. The fact is that as you drive along the street there is literally a bump, pothole or manhole every five meters. I invite you to witness this for yourself; I guarantee you will even feel the problem in your Jeep. I feel that if you were to have taken the initiative of replacing the entire pipeline and repaving the whole road a few years ago this 'speed hump' issue would not exist. Furthermore, with the resale value of each home going down because of the 'speed humps,' the repaving may have softened the blow for any neighbours selling their homes.

Finally, I feel that this issue has mostly originated by the poor treatment of the residents of the Riverside Drive area. We have had to put up with inefficient street lamps that do not illuminate the hundreds of bumps and holes in the road. Also, we have had to deal with a pathetic excuse for a sidewalk and parked cars that are scattered along the road, causing you to swerve from left to right while driving down the street. Finally, we have had slow responses to our roads being salted and power lines being down, and slow, never ending replacement of the pipelines. And now, speed humps that are built oversize and cannot be seen at night

Suggestions to resolve this problem: (This is keeping in mind that the speed humps will be rebuilt to correct size).

If you were to do any one of these suggestions I'm sure that you may be able to regain the votes of some residents before Election Day.

Thank you for you time and I'm sure I'll enjoy your response,

Robert Grant

2353 Riverbank Place
North Vancouver, BC
V7H 2L3