From: Bill Maurer []
Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2001 11:11 PM
Subject: Riverside Drive Traffic Calming - Speed Humps
                                                                                                                    June 17, 2001
Ken Krueger
District of North Vancouver
Transportation Planning Department
355 W Queens Rd, V7N 4N5
Ph: 990-2450
Fax: 987-7185
I think the District is going in totally the wrong direction with the current speed hump proposal. The reality is that this will effectively reduce the speed limit on lower Riverside to substantially below 50kph resulting in greater traffic congestion than there already is.
Lower Riverside drive is not just a residential street. It is an access road to a large number of properties on Upper Riverside, Riverbank, Rivergrove, Treetop, Chapman Way, Swinburne, and Edgewater. Rather than enforcing the existing speed limit the district is attempting to lower it to a level that will slow access to a large number of homes to an unacceptible level.
I wholeheartedly support the sidewalk and lighting innitiatives. I would also like to see parking allowed on only one side of the road along the entire length of Riverside. The district would argue that this will result in higher speeds. I would argue that this will result in greater public safety. There is substantial use of Riverside Drive by cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists. Rather than making it easier for traffic to flow up and down Riverside, the District is embarked on a course to restrict the flow of traffic effectively increasing the conflict between the various user groups. The District has been embarked on attempts at lowering the speed below 50Kph for a number of years (aka 'traffic calming') and even though it has been unpopular the entire time the District seems unwilling to accept the fact that Lower Riverside Drive is an access road and should be treated as such.  At the moment there are still many sections of Riverside where pedestrians are forced to walk on the road and cyclists find themselves unable to move out of the way of cars due to the small space left when cars are parked on both sides of the road. It seems that the District is paying greater attention to a small number of property owners on Lower Riverside than to all the other users of the road.
While the engineering department spends significant time and tax dollars on studies and various attempts to lower the speed limit below 50Kph there is still inadequate street lighting, the sidewalk project which was halted last summer has still not been resumed and there is a large section of uneven broken pavement on Riverside below riverbank which has not been repaired in a number of years.
I hope that common sense prevails in this matter and that the District stops attempting to impead the flow of traffic on Riverside Drive below the limit of 50Kph which it currently is and which is the commonly accepted speed in it's other residential areas.
Bill Maurer
2403 Riverside Drive
North Vancouver, BC V7H 1V8
Ph: 789-2172
Fax: 929-5795
cc. Mayor Don Bell
Robert West-Sells, Director of Engineering