To Phil Holland

Thank you for the informed and professional approach taken to correct the speed hump problem.

I attended one of the meetings and my neighbour attended another on my behalf. We both realized they weren't open to alternative suggestions and did not attend the last one feeling that to do so was a futile exercise.

At the meetings it was apparent that;

  1. The only affordable choice being pres4ented was the speed hump. 
  2. The surveys conducted did not reflect the opinion of everyone who responded. My response and suggestion were not recorded or reported. I brought this to the attention of the presenters. And it was dismissed with an apology.
  3. I personally did some research driving to areas in East Vancouver and at the border where speed humps are present. I asked at the meeting if there were any in North Vancouver that we could experience and they did not know of any. They showed slides of speed humps in Ioco. At no time could anyone make an informed decision because there was no place the speed humps or their alternatives could be tested.
  4. They were a lesson in the abuse of the democratic process. It was a case of pure manipulation. The presenters gave weight to their concept of a solution and counted on the natural apathy of the community. We have to carry some of the blame to have let this happen.
  5. I personally am concerned about the speed that some people (a minority) travel on Riverside and feel there are several inexpensive alternatives that could be applied in lieu of the irritating and dangerous speed humps.
  6. I have experience being passed three times on these speed humps and have reported the times and license plates of the offenders to Constable Bob Beaudoin (sp) . It would be interesting to know if these offenders were ever contacted.
  7. Two day ago an aggressive drive tale gated my daughter in law because she wasn't going over the speed humps fast enough. She was so afraid she was afraid to get out of her car. I didn't report this because I felt my calls weren't being followed up.

I don't know who Mr. Burns is and I didn't know the Seymour Valley Community Association was representing me and I've lived here for over 35 years. I have yet to hear of a meeting of that organization.

I would be happy to lend my time and any assistance to resolve this problem.

Thank you for your leadership,

Ken Reid
1554 Riverside Drive
604 929 3254