District of North Vancouver Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Program and Procedures
Hamilton Associates was selected to prepare the program and procedures for the provision of traffic calming devices in neighbourhoods throughout the District of North Vancouver. Our expertise in neighbourhood traffic management and traffic operations was useful in developing a policy that is sensitive to residents' needs yet functional from a traffic mobility perspective.  

Traffic Calming Studies - City of Coquitlam and City of New Westminter
Hamilton Associates has undertaken numerous neighbourhood traffic calming studies that involved the development of solutions to maintain the livability of neighbourhoods, and extensive public consultation with residents. In Coquitlam, we conducted the study for the Lower Lougheed, Dolphin Street, Baker Drive, Hickey Drive, and King Albert / Harversley Avenue neighbourhoods. In New Westminster, we completed the studies for the Kelvin South, Brow of the Hill and Connaught Heights Neighbourhoods. Public meetings and open houses, neighbourhood mailings, and newspaper advertisements were used during the course of these studies to obtain public input and disseminate information.

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