From: Cathryn Wheeler-Bishop
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2001 5:45 PM
Subject: Riverside Drive Speed Humps

I am one of the 81% of residents in the Riverside Drive area who would like
to see the speed humps removed immediately!

Ray Burns, who is head of the Seymour Valley Community Association, does
not speak for the majority of the residents living on Riverside, and if he
led you to believe he does, he is misrepresenting himself.  It is easy to
be in favor of these "traffic hazards" if you don't have to travel over
them every day ( I average 10-14 trips over them daily).  Mr. Burns lives
before the humps, not after them.

Riverside is 1.5 miles long and our only way in and out of our homes  It is
a poorly lit street and the speed humps are dangerous as cars slam on their
brakes or swerve to go around them.  Rear enders are going to occur.
Does the district council intend to install speed humps on all major
streets where people (who purchased their homes on the main roads) have
lodged speeding complaints?

I urge you to take action immediately.  Please take your own car and drive
Riverside Drive (preferably on a dark and rainy night to get the full
affect) and decide whether you would like the stress on your vehicle and
nerves of doing this indefinitely.  Please listen to the majority of
Riverside Drive residents, not just the vocal minority who are not aversely
impacted by these teeth jarring, muffler ripping  tire flatteners.

I welcome your reply,


Cathryn Wheeler-Bishop

From: Ernie Crist
Sent: November 21, 2001 00:22
To: Cathryn Wheeler-Bishop
Subject: RE: Riverside Drive Speed Humps

Dear Ms Wheeler:

The speed humps were installed following a request by the Seymour Valley
Community Association but only after a subsequent survey conducted by the
District revealed that a majority of residents were in favor.

As a result of an error by the contractor, the humps are 2" too high. This
will be rectified forthwith.

If you wish their removal altogether you may consider doing so simply by
demanding that the issue be dealt with and voted on at a properly conducted
Seymour Valley Community Association meeting. If a democratic vote takes
place I will consider supporting their removal as I believe that this is a
matter for the neighborhood to decide since it does not concern the larger

I hope this will clarify the matter.

Yours truly,

Ernie Crist