From: Charlene Grant []
Sent: Friday, December 20, 2002 2:46 PM
Subject: Neighbourhood Sign

Hi Bill,

Two points to follow up on our conversation earlier this afternoon:

1.  Could you determine if there is community interest in taking on the structure component of the sign project?  If you could have even some indication by December 30th, you could let Irwin Torry know.  (tel:  990-2317).

2.  Here are the property owners in the immediate vicinity of the proposed sign location:

*       750 Grantham Place (corner lot)
        J. Johnson and S. Johnson
        c/o Dennison Property Management (Attention Jane Dennison)
        #303 - 1549 Marine Drive
        West Vancouver VC  V7V 1H9

*       731 Grantham Place
        T. Phipps

*       721 Grantham Place
        J. Forster

        The postal code for the last two is V7H 1S9, if you need it. 

Best of the season,