From: Charlene Grant []
Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2002 11:15 AM
Cc: Cameron Stewart; Bruce Brown
Subject: FW: Jay Denis - 750 Riverside
Importance: High

Good morning, Bill,
I notice that the email address provided when I right-click on your name comes up as something different than what I had in my contacts (I had  I hope you received my earlier email, but could you please confirm which address I should use?
We have confirmed our surplus budget and, as suspected, it falls short of $5600.  (Roughly $2000 available)  Our suggestion is that we use the available funds this year to have the sign itself made and the community look for ways to raise the balance for the structure in the new year. 
If you think this is feasible, I need to go ahead and submit a work order this week, to carry over the available surplus funds. 
Please call to discuss.