From: Charlene Grant
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 3:37 PM
To: 'Bill Maurer'
Cc: Cameron Stewart; Bruce Brown; Dan Mooney
Subject: RE: Jay Denis - 750 Riverside

Thanks.  Out of courtesy though, we really should speak to the property owner.  I will get this contact information.
Did you also speak with the neighbours on Grantham facing the corner, as discussed in Monday's meeting?  I will get the ownership information for those as well.
The estimates (+/- 10%) provided by Cameron & Bruce are:
Painted Plywood Sign in roofed structure        $1800  (sign) + $3800 (structure) = $5600
Cedar sign in roofed structrue                        $3250 (sign) + $3800 (structure) = $7050
I am awaiting some updated account balances to see what we have to work with in the Department, but I suspect it will fall short of the $6000-7000 range. Would the community association be interested in a cost-sharing approach?