The Seymour River probably is the most important feature of your environment and lifestyle in  the Seymour Valley. The Seymour Salmonid Society - with its upriver hatchery - has helped to keep the river alive and as natural as possible by monitoring the river and its wildlife for 17 years.......by rearing  and releasing almost 1,000,000 salmon and trout every year into the river.....by providing classes every year for some 1,500 school students - mainly from  North Vancouver - from Lower Mainland municipalities which include  introductions to wildlife environment, forest ecology, insects (fish food) and other river dwellers, and elementary biology.   Almost 300 adults also attended these classes last year; the  hatchery has an on-site Education Centre.
   The Society/hatchery's primary supporters are the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Greater Vancouver Regional District, and the operations rely strongly on more than 100 volunteers for simple but unique hatchery work - and also rely heavily on   MEMBERSHIP FEES AND PUBLIC SUPPORT to sustain its operations.
    From the hatchery flow coho, pink, chum, spring (chinook) salmon, and steelhead (sea-going rainbow trout) and cutthroat trout.  These provide sports fishing for the public.  The fish also support and complement other river valley wildlife.......mallard, merganser and other ducks; eagles, hawks, seagulls, ipper (water ouzel) raccoon, etc.  (You may be surprised to know that the hatchery must use netting and electric fences to prevent wild mink and otter from slaughtering young fish in the rearing channels, just a few miles north of where you live!)
   Artificial channels have been created to increase fish habitat and help restore fish runs which were sharply reduced by the water supply reservoir dam (where the hatchery is located); blasting huge boulders in Seymour Canyon, which begins at the top of Riverside Drive, has made migration easier for the fish; fish counts are conducted regularly;  and DNA studies are now underway to better understand salmon/trout habits and history; in summary, Seymour hatchery is recognized as a leader in British Columbia community hatcheries. 
   It operates without funding (your tax dollars) from the provincial government or the District of North Vancouver.   It is a community, non-profit, volunteer organization (AND, one selfish note:  The live river keeps your real estate values high!)
   Won't you help keep our river alive?  Full voting Membership is yours for only $10.  Family Membership is the same, $10 (although a little more would be appreciated).  Associate Membership is free.  There are special categories:
    Cutthroat Club, $50 to $109; Coho Club, $110 to $499; Chinook Club, $500 to $1,999; Steelhead Club, $2,000 +   Contributions over $10 are tax deductible. 
    Contacts to join or for full information :   www.seymoursalmon.com      Send your $10 cheque (or donation) to P.O. Box 52221, North Vancouver, B.C.  V7J 3V5        To volunteer call James at (604) 640 - 9690.