North Shore Bear Network

The goal of the Bear Network is to stop the destruction and relocation of bears in the District of North Vancouver and City of North Vancouver.

The Bear Network was formed after 36 bears were destroyed in 1999. The Network consists of representatives of the District, RCMP, Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, and community volunteers. The Network launched a Bear Information Line in May: 990-BEAR (2327) which has been widely utilized by residents. The information from this line is helping the Network record areas of frequent bear sightings and to identify potential bear attractants in the community.

The Network produced a new information brochure with tips for ‘North Shore Bear Encounters’ and ‘Bear-Proofing’ homes. The network worked with North Vancouver District to Declare 2001 the Year of the Bear. New North Vancouver District signs were produced to inform people that bears were active in the area. While education is assisting with bear-human conflicts more needs to be done. Bears remain active in to November as they fatten up in preparation for hibernation. Garbage, compost, rotting fruit, bird feeders and other human foods continue to attract Black Bears into residential areas.

For a copy of the Bears Brochure or further information on the North Shore Bear Network contact the information line: 604-990-BEAR (2327).

The North Shore is Bear Country and Conservation
Through Co-existence is Achievable!

Bears in the District

The summer and bears go paw in hand. The settled areas of the Disrict along the lower reaches of creeks are historically bear summer habitat; with the result that every year there is human and bear contact. Bears cannot be expected to change; so we as residents must modify our behaviour to allow bears and people the freedom to live near each other safely.

If you see a bear in a residential area:

For information on how to minimize bear movements around your neighboorhood contact Graham Knell - Trail and Habitat Co-ordinator (604)990-3812.

"BEAR" In Mind

April to October is bear season. Here are a few tips on safe garbage disposal: